Saturday, October 25, 2008

For Writer Bloggers

This article by Andrew Sullivan is provocative---it's about blogging as an emerging literary form---and will be of interest to those of you who are writers. It's rather lengthy, but worth the time.

When I have something like this, something that requires time or thought (like Chani's posts), I enjoy printing them out and reading them in a quiet place when I have time...or even sticking them in my purse in case I get caught with unexpected waiting somewhere.



thailandchani said...

Thanks for the compliment. :) You kow, this past four hours, I've spent watching "Conversations with God" - the movie - *twice*!

It brought me to the realization that my posts are tripe! Shallow tripe.

More to come on this... I'm sure! Maybe the movie came along as I needed to hear it.. and I'm still listening. :) The message is so simple.. but when we start peeling the layers back.. it's so much more!


Olivia said...


I do so disagree with you. Your posts make people think. We always are more critical of our own stuff.

I have read the COG books, but not seen the movie. It's good to hear that it is so enjoyable.

As I prepare for vacation (just under two weeks away) I am especially open spiritually to what might come my way. Vacations for me are above all a time of spiritual renewal. I think of such things (spiritual input from books/movies/other sources) as almost massaging my spirit! Which I enjoy much more than a physical massage.

Sometimes I think that what we don't know or haven't learned yet is more interesting than what we do know. But what we do know can be very interesting to someone else---who doesn't know it!

xxoo, O