Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ready for Easy World

This video is 4:54:


patti said...

Sorry Olivia - I got a message saying video no longer available (?)

Olivia said...

Oh, that YouTube! It konked out after I was uploading the video, but before it had processed. I got the same message you did. So I uploaded another copy. It ended up eventually processing the first one, and rejecting the second. All this to's there now, Patti...sorry for your trouble :) Blessings and love, O

Jane said...


I love the videos that you make and share with us. Wish I could figure out how to do that! It makes the blogging interaction so much more intimate.

I hear you on the issue of doing too much all at once and then hitting a wall. Seems to be one of my greatest traps. I don't know how to space things out and prioritize very well. Actually, could it be because I have a hard time saying no and end up overextending myself?

Rest and light to you,

thailandchani said...

My response is probably predictable. :) I will be curious to hear what you think of the book. I just read the Amazon reviews!


laundrygirl said...

I loved this video. I can totally relate. Even when I think I am doing great planning and plotting things out I take on too much...
Rest is good.
I listened to you admit that you slept til 2 and thought, "Why are we always ashamed to say we slept? Since when did it become socially unacceptable to rest??"

patti said...

Great! 'O' TV is back in business!

Listening to your body is so important, and of course you felt better after all that lovely healing sleep.

I used to do too much too & still do on occasion, but crashing and burning is not a good way to treat ourselves and your bad energy affects others too.

You have to ask yourself, 'is it all worth it?' It's not being selfish, it's the key to a healthy balance.

Have fun at the hairdresser! :)

Olivia said...


I will let you and everyone know...I love sharing good reads with you. Peace, O

Olivia said...


I know, I know! It IS socially unacceptable to rest---sloth, laziness, nothing "important" to do---but I am caring less and less about what society thinks. Sleep is SO important to health, and I am going to be countercultural in yet one more way by getting my 8 hours plus...because boy, do I need it!

Rest and relaxation,


Olivia said...


You take such gorgeous photos; I'll bet you could take great videos as well. However, it's just one more thing to learn, and when you're moving and decorating and embarking on a new relationship, it's probably too much. But I'm glad you like it.

I'm wishing you the same wonderful thing you wished me---continued rest and light---and

Much Love,


Olivia said...


You are so fortunate/wise to have learned these things already! I feel like I get the same lessons over and over again and I wonder...just when will I learn---I'm over 50??

But you are absolutely right and I'm thinking I'm there...I see progress from when I used to need to get shingles to slow down (two years ago and multiple times before that).

I want this lesson to be one that I remember.

I'm glad that YouTube got their act together and that you got to see the video, Patti.

Blessings, peace, and continued wise choices (YAY!),


Rick Hamrick said...

O! I'm so glad to hear that you got a great deal of rest when you had just about run yourself ragged (or, run yourself nearly into a sick bed).

I hope you are able to mark off your long list of tasks, one by one, at a rate which a human being can accomplish. You are amazing, but I'm pretty sure you aren't SuperWoman! At least, I have yet to see the tights and flowing cape.

Julia's book is, indeed, covering concepts we now refer to as Easy World, although you won't find that phrase in "Recreating Eden."

The good news is, next year there will be a new book out, named "Choosing Easy World." Julia has signed with St Martin's Press, and her second book will be published either late in 09 or early in 2010.

So, enjoy Recreating Eden, Olivia. And, you have plenty of time to start getting ready for the next JRH book! In my not-so-unbiased opinion, it will be even better than her first.

You are so right that there is a time to read a book, and Recreating Eden, in particular, is one which is almost impossible to read when one is not ready. We have heard that over and over from people all over the world who have written Julia to describe their experiences. Then, when it is time and they are ready, they read it with great joy and enthusiasm.

One little bit of insider info: Julia uses a set of magnets in the chapter on the Law of Harmony to powerfully illustrate a vital concept. She did the artwork herself, and I am proud to say the chubby little hands holding the magnets in those illustrations are mine.

Olivia said...


I'm so far from Superwoman it's not funny :) Although I'll think about dressing up for my next video. No, on second thought, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

How exciting that Julia will have another book coming out...and thank you for the insider information!

I'm running off now to read... I can't must be another exciting Friday night!

Much love,


Kikipotamus said...

Olivia, so good to see you and hear your voice. Interesting you should be talking about cutting out things in order to arrive at that place with less stress where you don't get sick. I was just talking about that at work yesterday. I told the crew not to include me in the team Halloween plans (they are all dressing up and entering the contest). Someone asked why. I said that a while back, I had been too overwhelmed with life's demands and had realized I could cut out everything that doesn't keep me breathing in and out. Holidays qualify. Scratched them off the list.

I'll be catching up with you soon in reading Julia's book. xox K

Olivia said...

Gosh, Kelly, I SO know that feeling. That's why I understand your potential decision even with the Internet. Sometimes we just need to renew and anything that doesn't support that is a strain.

What Julia's book helped me with was reminding me of where I came from. Where I want to be. My Source. Not where I am right now. It was a very personal thing, and so very helpful for me.

I am still needing my vacation (9 days away) to complete what I started, but I'm on my way.

Thanks for visiting the happyluau and me, with all that you have going on. I know how much energy it takes to EXTEND...