Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: A Walk in My Garden

I found out from a wonderful Reiki reading given to me by Lori-Lyn--long distance--that I should be out in nature more, so today LoveHubbie and I spent some time wandering, relaxing, and taking pictures.

I got to use my new Mino Flip Ultra (the next generation after the regular Flip Ultra) for the first time, another free gift from Amazon for doing all those reviews (1,273 over 10 years---so I've worked for it!). It is a little hurky-jerky probably from my lack of skill, and not because I have the shakes or was woozy. People have said that some of my Amazon videos were very movement oriented and made them ill, to my chagrin; I'm hoping that this one is enjoyable. From my point-of-view (taking it and making it) it seemed meditative and peaceful...If anyone has any filming tips for me, I'm so open to them.

I'm posting this early because I will be walking in my garden on Sunday, too, and it seemed a fitting end to what is for many people a noisy and crazy weekend. Not here. We don't do noisy here. Crazy is another matter. I treasure the peace and sounds of nature that I experience in my garden. I thought you might like something calming and soothing before the week starts.

So r--e--l--a--x...I hope you feel good as you stop to smell the flowers...this video is 5:40 long:


Kate I said...

That was fun! What a gorgeous garden you have Olivia. I'm glad you're having a nice relaxing weekend.

Lori-Lyn said...

Olivia, you're garden is so incredibly beautiful and watching that video was a wonderful meditative way to begin my Saturday. Thank you.

thailandchani said...

Wow! I think I am going to be contacting Lori-Lyn :)

We don't do 'noisy' or 'hectic' around here, either. Your garden is beautiful and I'd love to be able to spend time in a place like that!


yertle said...

Your garden is so beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it. And thanks for your kind words on my blog also.

Olivia said...

Thanks, Kate and Lori-Lyn! Chani, you can come and visit anytime...really! Thank you, yertle, sweetie!

Blessings and love to you,


Patti said...

Strawberries, Roses and were those Foxgloves? Very beautiful Olivia.

Rick Hamrick said...

I noticed you have a plant I really like, O! I have a particular fondness for the red-hot poker (AKA "torch lilies") because we grew them in our garden five or six years ago, and when they threatened to force us out of the house (now, that's invasive, when you eject them what's planted you), we decided to shovel-prune while we still had a chance to win that fight.

A neighbor two doors down had a plan, so we gave her the plants, she divided them, and she now has a very pretty plant-fence of them, all lined up along her front yard, which is not a yard at all--she and her husband spend many hours maintaining a really beautiful urban garden as a front yard. Not a blade of grass in sight.

Then, the neighbor between us, the one whose yard has a border now of the plants, decided she liked them. So, she now has a little circular display of the same amazing plants.

There are now at least two dozen different Red-Hot Pokers we can enjoy, and we are not responsible for maintaining or corralling any of them!

Gardening: farm it out to your neighbors if the plants are too aggressive. (grin)

Olivia said...


They were, of my favorites, after peonies and dahlias :)

Olivia said...

Rick, What a beautiful garden that must be. That's a sharp eye (which we already know you have) to spot the red-hot poker! It must be amazing to just gaze next door and see so much beauty that you have to do nothing to maintain!!

grace, T said...

Wow. Truly glorious surroundings.

When I moved from Detroit to New Orleans in the early 90's, I was awestruck by the beauty of the plant/flower life.
I felt flowers as a clear reminder of gods presents/presence. Their medicine spoke to me and I found myself studying plant medicine with the more ease than I could have imagined possible.

Where you are, surrounded by plant /flower life, it must feed your soul constantly.
Truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing it.

Makes me think of moving away from L.A.
Or at least away from the place I rent, where the landlord turned the front and back yard into parking spaces.

Thank you for the peak into paradise-
best Breakfast I've had in awhile
: )

Olivia said...

Dear grace,T,

You're welcome, and welcome to the happyluau. The forest and the plants in our garden do feed my soul. I couldn't imagine living without it. I wish you some joyful soul food today :)

Blessings to you,