Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lessons From Brazil: Lesson #5: People Are the Same Everywhere

As many of you know, I got back recently from a whirlwind trip to Salvador, Brazil for the wedding of my beloved nephew and his wonderful wife. I was only there for a short time but it was life-changing. So I decided to start a short blog series called "Lessons from Brazil" to share about this trip, to help me to process it, and to inspire you.

This may be obvious to you, but it was refreshing to me to discover that I had so much in common with the Brazilian people. There were some differences, of course (like the Brazilians being far less likely to be obese people, being darker skinned, and more family oriented), but other than that, I was surprised to find that despite the language differences, communication was easier than I'd thought possible (despite my knowing no Portuguese). The Brazilians very warm and interested in us as visitors to their country. They were very proud of their country as well.

It felt as though despite the dramatic differences of distance and locale and culture, the people were exactly the same. Different bodies, different everything, yet so much the same--in a good way.

I feel that often when I travel--so much is different and so much is the same. People are kind and warm and loving and have many of the same values everywhere. It was a delightful re-discovery, and a reminder of how we are all connected.

Love is the same in every culture!


Kate said...

When I traveled to England Soctland and France back in 2006 I was experiencing the same thing. We are all more alike than we imagine. Even France in the countryside seemed like home to me. Travel is a wonderful eye opener. I always think the world would be abetter place if we could all travel to another country. I know I look at things differently just from the little travel I have done.


Olivia said...

I agree, Kate. That's so interesting. It was such a surprise to me that it could be an eye opener at my age because I traveled a lot when I was younger. I think it is important at any age...although we do view it as a luxury in this culture, I think it is more important than we think. Peace and blessings, My Queen, O

groovysabrina said...

Hi Olivia! wonderful observation again. I was reminded of this very thing this weekend with Ronaldo and Verena visiting. We were all talking about our moms. Ronaldo smiled and said, mothers are exactly the same the world over, they only change address. You're right, people are quite the same the world over in general. We like to eat, we like to talk, we like to laugh.

Olivia said...

How nice that you got to have them as weekend guests, Sabrina! That is so true and clever, about moms!

Eat. Talk. Laugh. Now these are good times, especially with Ronaldo and Verena. Since friendships are riches, you and Daryl are weathly!

Love to you, xoO