Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For Book Lovers

Does this blow your circuits like it does mine? Almost hard to believe. I looked around the room at all of my books and wondered what life would be like in a bookless house. Or alternatively, with just a little bookshelf. It was hard to envision. Life is changing.

I have a Kindle (I got a new Kindle 3 for Christmas and LoveHubbie got my old Kindle 1) and I really enjoy digital books. I still enjoy hardcopy books too though; I just read more. Yet this is a step beyond.

What do you think?


patti said...

I do love the way things are changing too, and how accessible books will be to so many in new ways. Exciting really!

However I love touching my books and having them there in front of me and turning the pages. It's a tactile thing I love, that I suppose belongs to my generation. The weight of all those words in your hands!

laundrygirl said...

That is cool to see all of the possibilities! I haven't made the leap though. I still like the feel of a paper book in my hands...

Olivia said...

I'm glad you two liked this. You know, you cannot replace the touch, feel, and even smell of a wonderful book with anything digital. However, I can't believe the convenience when traveling of a small Kindle. You can take hundreds of books with you--a whole library.

I too though can't imagine being without any books at all.

Another thing is that even though you can take notes in a way in these digital books as well as "highlight", it isn't the same as writing in, highlighting, and marking up a hardcopy book. Not a novel, but a good nonfiction book. I would miss that!

Thanks for commenting :) Love and blessings, O

Kate said...

I hear that amazon is going to come out with their own version of this. But i still don't know if I'd use it. I have the kindle2 and kindle for the mac but I read books on th kindle not the mac. I also love my paper books, don't think I will give them up entirely. I do read more now that I have a kindle but I think its just another tool for reading but not the only one I wil use.


Olivia said...

I agree Kate. Kindle is just one tool of many. But I am wondering, since we are older and used to hardcopies if the younger people will find it unnecessary to own books.

I used to work on large mainframe computers that no longer exist. Many kids don't know what copy paper is or how to write cursive. I wonder if the day will come when they're not sure what paper books are for and why anyone would want one!

Thanks as always for commenting, my Queen! xoO

Anonymous said...

That is mind-blowing! I also like to hold a book, but I don't keep them (with the exception of my teaching reference books). I either use the library or, if I purchase, I pass the book on to a friend when I'm done with it. If I got into this Google thing, I might become addicted and start spending all my money on book after book! What a concept. The world really is changing, eh?

Olivia said...

It certainly is, Kelly.

I'm kind of like that with Kindle, as many of the books are free or very low cost 99 cents to 2.99. It's hard to pass up a free book if you can store hundreds and it is something that you might enjoy reading!

Thanks for commenting, as always!

Peace and love, Kelly, xoO

Seeking Simplicity said...

I haven't made the switch. Debra at work has her Kindle... and I must say I think I would enjoy that more than I thought I would. But there is something about holding a book, flipping the pages, smelling it and using it as a notepad that is very alluring.

But I do feel I need to go digital; it would be earth friendly, and I'm trying to be more aware of my carbon footprint.

Olivia said...

EB, I think it will happen for all of us eventually (going digital) but hopefully hardcopy books will not go the way of record albums. I hope! Peace, love, and good to see you here, xoO

CrystalChick said...

I'm having a hard time with some of the changes. A Barnes and Noble I go to often has a whole area devoted to the Nook readers now. There are usually people looking and buying so I'm sure it was the way the chain had to go to stay current with technology.
I certainly understand that the readers are great for people who travel. It's also probably much less expensive in the long run. After you make the initial purchase the downloads are probably alot more inexpensive and some even free.
I still love my books though and have shelves and shelves of them! My hubby would have gotten me a reader for Christmas if I asked him but I'm not ready to make the switch. It's fine for those who do, as we all can't be carrying book bags around, but I hope atleast those who do go the digital route don't do it exclusively. There is just something so wonderful about holding a book, looking thru the pages, illustrations, feeling the papers, etc.

Olivia said...

Thanks for commenting, Mary. I think that the statistics show that people who read digitally in general just read more. And it is so fun. Last night my stepdaughter mentioned a book to me and I downloaded it and read it by several hours later. That is nice. Plus, as you mentioned, all the free books.

I agree with you that there is nothing that can replace the tactile experience of reading a hardcopy book. I do wonder if kids born now though will feel the same way, if they will understand at all!

Have a blessed day, Mary, xoO