Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christian Journey: Part 4

I wanted to share with all of you a new and exciting spiritual development in my life--I have found a church where I can finally "belong". I thought I'd share it with you over Christmas in several short posts instead of one big long one. I can't wait to hear what you think. I'm hoping you'll be excited for me, and perhaps encouraged about finding spiritual community for yourself, if you've not found somewhere yet. 

Part 4 of 6:

(...continued from Part 3)

LoveHubbie and I have always tried to attend church together, no matter how hard it was for one of us to compromise with the other. But recently, events have changed so that I’ve decided to venture out on my own. My first criterion in a church, the most important one, other than that it is Christian, is that it is gay-welcoming. Not gay-accepting, but gay-welcoming. I want a church that is really excited about having gay people there. And having other people there who are also marginalized in our culture. A church where all are welcome. But especially gays. Because when a group welcomes gay people, they tend to have a lot of other values that are the same as mine. 
Jesus welcomed everyone. He wanted everybody there. He did criticize the Pharisees--the righteously religious people of his time, and didn’t seem to like them too much. But I’ll bet if they had dropped their self-righteous stance he would have liked them too. He was attacked up one side and down the other for hanging out with tax collectors, prostitutes, Samaritans, women, the poor, the downtrodden, and others...and he himself was homeless. 

I have many, many reasons for believing this, but overall, I figure that it’s good to be like Jesus and just accept everybody. It’s what feels right to me. Some faiths are exclusive but Christianity wasn’t one of them. 

(To be continued...)

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CrystalChick said...

I haven't been in blogland much, but was so happy to stop by here today and catch up a bit!! How wonderful that you have found a church you feel comfortable with and is welcoming to all people!
I have never been a regular with church services, however, one Episcopalian priest stands out to me because she visited the hospital when my grandson was born premature and she baptized him later even though we weren't members of her parish. She is a lesbian, living with her partner, and they have children together. Unfortunately, she moved to a parish further away so our family isn't in touch with her anymore, but I did like very much that she was so kind and that church was okay with her sexuality.

Have you ever seen the movie 'Chocolat'? It's one of my absolute favorites!!! There's much difficulty between the very religious mayor and a free-spirited woman who comes to town during Lent and opens a chocolate shop.
At the end, the priest gives a sermon and talks of Jesus' humanity and how we should include everyone.

Happy New Year, Olivia! I hope you continue to have wonderful experiences!

Olivia said...

Thanks Mary Catherine, I'm glad too! Thanks for sharing about your experience. It feels good to me too when people are welcoming and accepting of everyone. It feels like Love!

I saw the movie Chocolat when it first came out but not since then. I think it would be good for me to see it again...

Thank you and a very happy New Year to you, Mary Catherine. Thanks as always for visiting and reading here at happyluau :) xoO