Saturday, December 11, 2010

Delving into "The Space Below"

This is a YouTube video that I made in response to a creative challenge from Kate's ning community called  "The Queen of Creativity Castle". It is a response to this poem:

the space below

 there was a whole world inside of her filled with stars and caves and  demons and gold. she tinkered and played in that world - but it was
in the space below - in the depths of deep - that the real stuff was.
and it was there she needed to go. 

~terri st. cloud

The video is 9 minutes long.  It was somewhat challenging to make, and from now on I plan to break it up into shorter portions. I also plan to stop saying "umm!", sorry for the annoyance. I had to redo it 3X because YouTube has increased their video quality so much since the last time I did a video that you could read every word I wrote in my journal. Thus huge portions were cut out, and the editing is a bit crude. Still, I wanted to share this with everyone, and I hope you like it anyway!


Seeking Simplicity said...


First.... I love your haircut and how it bounces. My hair is fine and limp and lost its bounce.

Secondly... the collage journal book looks fantastic. Did you realize you said "stupid" and "dumb" while you were describing it... but I must say I thought it was beautiful, inspiring and joyful.

Thirdly... love the backgrounds and yes WOMAN get thyself to your studio and create every day.

Fourthly (is that a word).... I really enjoyed your video. It's so nice to see and hear you.

And lastly... I'm going to go check out this castle group. Sounds like fun.

Peace and Happy Sunday! Love ya!

Ang aka EB

Olivia said...


Thank you for the comments about my hair. I am blessed with extremely thick, coarse hair, and when I use a "constructor"--oh my! It does bounce :)

I had NO IDEA I said "stupid" and "dumb". What a revelation...I am sure that's what I think about my art, deep down. I know I enjoy it but I don't see it as precious or positive. I want to...and I will.

I am going to accept your admonition to create every day. YES, thank you EB! Ok. 2011.

Kate is so much fun and very prolific. One thing I admire about her is that she keeps at it, every day and I have seen her art grow so much. I know that mine would grow, I'd develop a style too, and I would learn techniques as well, if I'd keep at it. If I'd break through those emotional walls until they came down and were no longer there.

I wish you the same, EB. Keep that writing up, as it was great today. I hope you have a Great Sacred Sunday. (I plan to comment some more after I get back from church, on your posts!)

Love and peace, xoO

CrystalChick said...

My wish for you in 2011 is that you get to create more often! Such interesting projects you have in mind. A packing item I would have tossed away, you are adding colors and textures to! And I'd seen that diorama before and am still amazed! I would never have thought to use something like a refridgerator part. That really took some thought!
I am creative, but in different ways I guess. Isn't it wonderful that we are all so unique.

Olivia said...

Thanks for watching the video and for commenting, Mary :)

I'm so glad you like the diorama as I do! Sometimes things just occur to me that are a little odd, and I like that even more. Thank you for your encouragement, Mary.

You're right, we are all so unique and it is fun to see the different ways. Peace and blessings, Mary, xoO

Kate said...


First let me apologize for not watching this sooner. The first time I looked I was in a room of people and wanted to save it till later. The second time my internet was not being cooperative. So I am glad that I got to see it this morning.

The video is so wonderful!. Congratulations on being able to put something on one of your backgrounds. You have a wonderful start to a book, all those pages that you've started are very exciting.

I believe the whole aspect of just putting images down with no reason is what its all about. Its your soul exploring what it likes. It is play in its perfect sense. I think we tend to think these random placing have no meaning but I think they do. It can be as simple that on that given day a scrap of words and the color blue put together is just how you felt. It doesn't have to have any more meaning that that. I think the fact of just doing it takes you somewhere else, it changes you in small little ways and that is such a good thing.

That diorama that you did is fantastic. The piece from your humidifier has such potential to be whatever you wish it to be. It looks like you do have a good start on it. I too like to use found or recycled items. Its is so cool that you can take something that others would throw out and make something wonderful from it.

I also like the section where you show your journal and took that phrase out and made a page for it. Its such a great way to visit or revisit an idea. You can also do the same with the pages of the book you are doing. You can often add things to pages later, I do that sometimes.

Are you going to post the video on the Castle site? I am sure that others there could benefit from seeing it. But don't feel like you have too.


Olivia said...

Hi, Kate,

Oh, that's okay. It is a busy time of year! I'm just glad you took the time to watch it and comment!

I love how you put that the very act of creating changes you in little ways...I get that, and I think I focus too much on the result instead of the process, so thank you for that.

I'm so glad you liked the diorama, I put my heart into that big time. I love when I get the enthusiasm and motivation to do so, and am proud of it no matter how it turns out (although this one did turn out extraordinarily well, I think!).

I put the video up on the site. For some reason I didn't think you could, and then I looked and it was so easy.

Thanks so much, Kate. I know I don't participate all that much, but I really enjoy being a part of your castle.