Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wellness Wednesday

Today is Wellness Wednesday and I don't have anything earth shattering to share. Yet the changes in my life, though ordinary, have changed everything for me. I am feeling better and better and better, day by day. It is a new thing to get up early in the morning again. To dress myself without fatigue; you can do so many more things when you are dressed! To be able to do things all day long and then to do something else yet again at night. It is a little bit scary too, because I'm not used to it and a part of me thinks that it's all going to go away again. But wiser heads than me (my friends) say, "Trust it." Trust that I am well, and that I will be well. I'm not there yet. But I hope to be.

I feel so impacted emotionally as well by all of this. I am simply taking some Armour Thyroid and doctor-recommended supplements, yet it is affecting my moods tremendously. I rarely feel anxious (unless there is some good reason) and definitely don't feel depressed or anything close to it. I have had challenging emotional situations and have reacted to them differently than in the past, better, stronger, more like "me" and in a way I am proud of.

And amazingly, I'm just at the start of my treatment plan. We have yet to address several other issues. My goal was to be able to get out of bed and function, albeit at a sub-optimal level. I'm finding that I'm getting a whole new life. Words really cannot convey the hope I have and the joy I have that I'm holding back just to make sure it's real.

So I wanted to share it all with you on this Wellness Wednesday!

PS. I felt like waving a flag today and what better than a Hawaiian flag!

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark


thailandchani said...

I think it's wonderful that you keep pursuing this as much as you are, doing all you can to make things better. Eventually, you will find the formula that works best for you.

I've kind of adapted in a weird way.

Hm. Something to think about. :)


Olivia said...

Chani, I think you've done what you can and adapted about that. I think you've adapted in a good way. You are you! I don't think anything about you is "weird". just "good eccentric", which is also how I think of myself. I think that people who are "good eccentric" are much more interesting than others!

I am still introverted, just not intolerantly introverted. For example, I don't like crowds and loud noise, but I can stand it better if I have to deal with it.

I even enjoy being alone way more, too. Today I spent a lot of time handling work issues (LoveHubbie's business) on the phone and the rest of the time stayed in and loved it more than usual because I made so much of the time.

I am running around catching up on lots of things I let go when I was ill. It's just nice to be able to do that.

Really nice!

Much love,


patti said...

Wonderful news Olivia! It is a terrible thing to lose yourself to illness, and the contrast when you find yourself well agian is so sharp.

Welcome back!

Kim Mailhot said...

Feels like you are waving a flag of hope ! Sending prayers and good vibes that it continues to get better and better for you !

Thanks for the visit and lovely comment on my post about my Dad. It was heart-felt and I appreciate it.

Blessings !

laundrygirl said...

Such good news! I hope it's a wellness Thursday and Friday as well! Cheers to you!

GreenishLady said...

Olivia, it's so wonderful to hear that you're finding your way towards health again. It gladdens my heart to read this.

Angela said...

This is wonderful news, Olivia! I'm so glad for you! No one deserves it more. :)

Olivia said...

Dear Patti, Kim, Kristine, Imelda, and Angela,

Thank you so much for your well-wishes and your support. It feels SO good to celebrate with you.

Much love to you,


Elena Rego said...

This is so wonderful! I'm inspired by how you have persevered and continue to work towards your healing. It speaks to such a deep commitment to yourself...

you. go. girl.


Olivia said...

Thank you, Elena, and welcome back to the happyluau. For those of you who don't know, Elena started "Wellness Wednesday" and inspired me to begin and keep with it (abeit irregularly. She recently restarted posting regularly on this and it's good to see her here.

I appreciate your encouragement,



Dinea de Photo said...

It was great meeting you. I like your blog it is informative and I am lovin it!

Olivia said...

I'm so glad, Dinea. Wishing you all the best, Olivia