Saturday, March 28, 2009

If You Are Reading This, I Am In Hawaii

So I am in Hawaii, and I have autoblogged this to post at our landing time in Kahului, Maui. If you want to see where I am for the first week with our friends Scott and Tara, look at this web cam here. For the remaining two weeks we're in a condo further north, and we will have no Internet access or email or texting or anything else the whole time, just phone. When we are in the mood. :)

As much as I enjoy the disconnecting part of this, I'll be going mobile when we come back. I'll look forward to having a more modern phone with texting and possibly a laptop as well.

I will miss all of you---my community---SO MUCH! I will read each and every blog post when I return and send loving thoughts and energies and prayers to you while I"m gone.

Please remember to pray and think of Carly Grace on April 3rd, the date of her really, really big surgery.

I'll look forward to connecting with you all soon.

Much, much love and aloha,


~Photos by LoveHubbie Mark except for "Miss You" by Dumb Little Man


Nicci said...

Have a great time. I would love to be there with you.

bwheather said...

How amazing, to be in Hawaii. Wow!!! Anyway, just dropping by to let you know I'm no longer writing for b5media with A creative Journal. My new blog is at As I Write It - A Creative Journal. Here's the link:

Hope to get a blogroll type thing happening on there soon. I'll be adding your blog. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you are having an amazing, restful, restorative time.

Jane said...


I know that you are having a peaceful, fabulous, beautiful time there with lovehubbie!


Claire said...

happy easter day, dear olivia xxx

Jessie said...

Hope you're having a good time! :)

I can't believe that you don't LIVE in Hawaii already. ;)

Say hello to the ocean for me.

Olivia said...

Thank you, sweet gals! I did have a restful time and am back home now! Thank you for the well wishes, O

Kikipotamus said...

Are you back, are you back, are you back, huh, huh, huh?

Olivia said...

:) Thanks, sweet Kelly!