Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Stamina and Carly Grace

Only just over a day before I leave for Hawaii, and there are so many posts I'd like to do.

Yesterday was really a Wellness Wednesday for me. I was fitting in some last health care appointments. In addition, I continue to struggle with complications from my dental surgery about 10 days ago. All in one day I visited the podiatrist to get a cortisone shot in my foot, both the dentist and the oral surgeon and had two minor surgical procedures---one from each of them, the pharmacist to get enough medications to last for the time I'm gone, the lab to do some tests due to complications from the antibiotics I've been on ("c-diff"), and the chiropractor. I visited my husband's office in between these as well. It was a crazy hectic day and I was in pain the whole time.

However, due to the supplements I've been taking from my new alternative medicine physician, I was mostly able to be calm through all of this. I was able to practice letting go of results and in trusting in a safe Universe, because there was really nothing else I could do. I have to trust that when I leave town packed with my contingency meds and records for potential surgeons on Maui, that all will be okay. Truly, not having an undercurrent of anxiety all of the time has helped me so very much, and enabled me to deal with so much more than in the past. In addition, having good energy levels (from the thyroid my doctor prescribed) helps tremendously as well.

I feel blessed, blessed, blessed to be able to have access to and to afford all of this health care. I feel supported by the Universe. I am so grateful for my friends---you all---here online, and new ones I've met on Facebook and Twitter.

I feel extremely inspired by a very little girl named Carly Grace, who has her own blog, and whose parents manage somehow (I don't know how) to have a positive attitude towards all of her health challenges and who model the attitude to life we could all have. They live in the moment and love their daughter. Please read her blog, and please pray for her upcoming surgery (one of dozens she's had, but what sounds like the biggest one yet). Please hold out healing energies for her and send love to her parents. They are wonderful people who I read about months ago from yertle. If you take a second to go there, even just to see her sweet little face, you will gain so much and you will remember her always. Just a quick look and a prayer and it will make a difference. As importantly, if you take the time to go back and back and back and read her blog, your life will be different, I promise you.

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark


Kim Mailhot said...

I hope your trip brings you some lovely r and r and peaceful sun filled, pain free moments !
Take good care !

Angela said...

I just wanted to wish you safe and happy travels. I would love to go to Hawaii and Brent has a brother that lives on the big island so there's an actual possibility it might happen. Sometime. Be well.

Nicci said...

Olivia, my heart is so full right now. Thank you so much for posting this and for sharing Carly's story. Carly is my niece -- my sister is her Mom. This is and has been a rough few months for all of us, and things like this mean so much. There is one thing Carly has taught all of us -- and that is that she is the only one who goes into this journey fully present day by day with no stories attached. We continue to learn from her.

Thank you so much and have a great trip.

Olivia said...

Thank you so much, Queen Kim. I look forward to all of that, definitely. I appreciate it, Love, O

Olivia said...

Thank you, Angela. The Big Island would be a wonderful place to live and to visit. I bet you will go if you want to. Your life is just now opening up to all that it can be.

I feel like we all go through new openings as we get older, new chances to make major changes, major shifts. I wish you every happiness with yours, you deserve it, Angela!



Olivia said...


I think of her every day, many times a day. I think of your sister and brother-in-law---they are amazing, amazing...I do not know how they endure watching Carly's suffering and yet maintain such loving and positive attitudes. Although I only know them through Carly's blog, I feel like the three of them have taught me much and I will remember what I learn.

I will be thinking of Carly even more at the end of next week. I won't have a computer but I will pray. Thank you for continuing to keep us updated about her on Facebook and elsewhere too.