Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Voting Republican (The Video, Not Me!)

Now, happyluau isn't usually (or ever, really) political, but I really liked this video titled "I'm Voting Republican" that has been making the rounds over the Internet and thought you might too.

I happen to be a Democrat who is married to an ardent Republican, but I'm not a zealot in that I believe that everyone has the right to their political views and no one should be attacked for them, whatever they might be.

This video made me laugh and think. Even though it is definitely anti-Republican (an advance apology to LoveHubbie and my Republican friends) I think that the satire will make everyone think again what role they expect their government to play...even if you're outside of the US. I normally don't like things that are "anti" but in this case I made an exception, because some things in the video are very provocative.


thailandchani said...

Hi Olivia :) I couldn't find your email address so I'll respond here.

Thanks to you.. and your husband.. for all the info about shingles.

I lucked out this time because the shingles are *gone*. I have absolutely no risk with them now since they've healed. Still, I do intend to talk to my doctor next month (when he wants me to come back) about how to prevent it from ever occurring again.

My immune system is probably compromised because of some dental work I need done.

Thanks so much for all of this information! :)


Olivia said...

We're glad, Chani :) I was just worried about you, esp after LoveHubbie got to talking about it. You take care, Sweetie. My email is the word limitless then the ampersand sign then the word reachone dot com :) xx

thailandchani said...

I am still very glad to have the information though. Next time, I might not be so lucky - so it's still very worthwhile. :)

My case, in perspective, was rather mild compared to some others I've heard about and seen. (Example: I didn't have loads of clusters.. maybe five or six)

My only concern now is that no one who has been around me while sick is at any risk for getting them, too.


Rick Hamrick said...

"Clean water? Buy it in a bottle!"

My wife has insisted for years, and I have complied (yes, I am the grocery-store ninja, striking every week before the crowds gather on Saturday morning) in supplying gallons of artesian water from which we drink.

Now, I consumed tap water from the Denver Water Dept source for so many years it is embarrassing to confess (not embarrassing because there's anything wrong with Denver's water, but because I am old as dirt. Well, old as really old dirt), and I don't feel any the worse for it. I think I may have wandered from the main topic, though.

Bottom line is, this is a clever video, and will change the minds of approximately 0% of the voting population.

For me, that is the single-largest tragedy of the last twenty years in America. We no longer are able, as a country, to open our minds to consider new ideas. Instead, we play "us vs. them" where there can be no compromise, no meeting of the minds, only total annihilation of the other viewpoint.

So sad.

Thanks for the video, Olivia!

Olivia said...

You know, Rick, I think you're right about it not changing people's minds. I'd thought that the video was one that more liberal people would agree with and nods their heads, and more conservative people might think and re-evaluate their positions...just to perhaps take a different, more open stance on one or two things. Wrong. It seems that people are firm in what they believe and will go along with whatever that is rather than think, continuously THINK! At least when it comes to this video, at least.

Why I wonder, can't people hold their beliefs and at the same time be open to revising them with increased education, or new information that they were previously unaware of? I'm not sure about that.

Thanks, Rick. Good for you for going grocery shopping early on Saturday morning, too :)

Peace and love, O

yertle said...

I struggle a lot with the two party system and the way it tends to dichotomize things and develop the "us vs. them" mentality. I register as Decline to State, although my beliefs tend to be more similar to Democrats. i just get so frustrated by both sides actually. I feel like there is a whole lot of middle ground where real progress could be made if we weren't so strongly in camps.

Olivia said...

I so agree, yertle. I am hoping that things may change somewhat with these elections coming up, but at the same time I am afraid that we'll just all stay in our camps. Peace, O

CrystalChick said...

Great video, and I will send it to a republican cousin of mine because we always go back and forth. When he recently sent me something Ann Coulter had written my head almost popped off I was sooooo angry. So he won't get this at all but I'll still try. I find that those I know who are republican have very little tolerance and wouldn't change an opinion but I guess I'm just the opposite as I can never see myself voting that way. I can do Independent, and if we ever get a good third party candidate I'd go that far. Yes, a nice left leaning Libertarian might work for me.

Rick Hamrick said...

O, I have come to know Bob Sutton, a professor at Stanford, via the internet. He is a business professor who completely gets it. In other words, he understands the need for business to open to the right-brain side of its employees, or, to put it more clearly, the art/humanities/caring/feeling side.

He professes a state of mind which I have adapted for my own use. He says, "Come into any discussion with strong views, weakly held."

In other words, when you have an opinion, don't be shy. Express it strongly. And, at the same time, listen with your whole being to the other opinions expressed, and be fully open to modifying or even abandoning your own opinion when it makes sense to you to do so. You are not your opinion! A really vital fact missing in today's discourse (or lack of same)

If it were only possible to infect all of us with this virus, we would be far better for it!

Olivia said...

Mary, I can't help but think that there are many intelligent, open Republicans, but I haven't met them. I too know someone who loves Ann Coulter and thinks she's brilliant, but I can't listen to her long enough to find out since she's so nasty and hateful. It's pretty sad! Thank you for commenting, Peace and joy, O

Olivia said...

Dear Rick,

Strong views, weakly held---perfect! Yes, it would be great to be infected with this virus. It is sad that so many people that have strong egos and are ego-run won't even go there. Peace and happy Father's Day, O xxoo

Jenster said...

Hi, Olivia. The video made me laugh, but in a sad way. I don't think the views expressed necessarily reflect all Republicans but rather the lazy attitudes that many Americans have adopted in the past few years. While we don't make our decisions along party lines, I have traditionally leaned towards Democrats while my husband has traditionally leaned toward Republicans, but he has been terribly disgusted by the bigotry, sexism, right-wing religious and ignorant attitudes coming from Republicans in the past few years.

As satires go, this video is a good one!

Olivia said...

Hi, Jenster, good to see you again. I know what you mean and about how disgusted your husband is about the attitudes of some in the Republican party. I'm glad you enjoyed the video, at least to the degree that it made you reflect...thanks for your comment, Peace, O xxoo