Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day! Plus Update in OWorld

Today I made you a little Father's Day video, a little insight into OWorld (7:30, but it's been a long time since my last video!):

Today I found out today about Slow Movement and Take Back Your Time, both great ideas!

Happy Father's Day to all!


thailandchani said...

Great video! That property is just stunning!

The idea of taking back time and moving slowly is one whose time has come. Definitely. It still shocks me how many people buy into the hurried and stressful lifestyle and simply believe there is no alternative.

Olivia said...

Thank you, Chani! I agree with you that this is an idea whose time has come. It's funny that I feel as though I have to LEARN to be less busy, less hurried, because I don't know anything else! Good to "see" you as always, Peace and relaxation, O xxoo

Patti said...

Thanks Olivia, I enjoyed seeing your beautiful home asalwys and noted that you stack your books horizontally. I like your thinking! I am craving warm weather like you are having there - it is cold and wet here and I don't like it one bit!

Happy Fathers Day to Love Hubbie! The Joseph icon is a very sweet acknowledgement.

thailandchani said...

I'm glad you are coming to learn that. :) Truthfully, it's not something I have ever experienced. I've never felt like time is something that has to be filled with activity. And it's not just "laziness". I just come with very little sense of urgency about anything.

Don't know why that is.. but there ya go! :)

I would just like to see others slow down, if nothing else because I believe it would be possible to have a higher quality of relationships with others.

Rick Hamrick said...

Olivia--it was a briliant idea to put the table with bench seats in middle of your gazebo. You certianly have a space now with more functional uses than before! I'm sure there may be times you might want to sit on one of the built-in benches and enjoy the view, but for eating and anything else which requires a surface like a table, your solution is a great one.

No wonder Mark is so tired, taking on the chore which requires two adults as he put the thing together by himself! (grin)

I have to admit, I try to find a place for at least one nap to fit just about every weekend. And, it is a planned part of our vacation time when we leave home, too! Naps are one of the best ways to enjoy life, in my opinion.

Olivia said...

Hi, Patti! Yes, I stack my books horizontally because I'm running out of space and I've got to use that vertical component :) Don't want that to go to waste.

Thank you, I thought the St. Joseph's box was pretty cool too...

I will give LoveHubbie your FD wish!

blessings and love,



Olivia said...


How fortunate you are in this! You are a natural for a rich culture...I know it with my head but really, really struggle with this and have a constant sense of urgency, of a need to work, and a sense of guilt when I pause to relax or have fun. I do it anyway, now, after having CFIDS and shingles and realizing that it's ridiculous. But it does take overriding my "Type A" programming and constitution.

Yes, it is much easier to relate to people who aren't all hyped up to constantly be working...

Again, you are really fortunate to come by this naturally!




Olivia said...

Thanks Rick! I feel a little dumb that we just stared at it for two years. We did use it a couple of times with a few people over, but everyone sits so far from each other and there is nowhere to eat or to set things down except on the bench in front of you. I've ordered a pretty tablecloth to go on top and it will be very useful.

Yes, Mark works much too hard. He is very oriented that way as well, but it also seems like there is so much for him to do. He feels silly hiring people to do things like put the table together (which I considered) and insists on doing it himself. He did a great job.

I love naps, too. So does LoveHubbie. They are a very healthy and nurturing way of relaxing and enjoying life, I agree!!

Peace and blessings and love,


Scott said...

Olivia - I like the table in the gazebo. It does make it more functional. As always it was wonderful to see you and have a tour around your home and driveway. I was grilling this weekend and caught a sniff of the grill, our wet soil, the trees and it reminded me of Washington.

It sounds like Mark had a wonderful Father's Day. Love ya.

Olivia said...


I'm so glad you liked it :) And I'm very glad you had the opportunity to grill--pursuing normal type activities despite the flooding (Scott lives in Cedar Rapids, everyone!). He said it was the best Father's Day he'd ever had. Thank you for calling, as I know it meant a lot to him, Scott...
Peace, love, joy, and a return to dryness and normalcy,


kikipotamus said...

Baby Pileated Woodpeckers?!? WOW. And those gifts are all so sweet. I especially like the Joseph.

Olivia said...

Kelly, they make the cutest, cutest sounds! I really want to capture them at right before their dinner time on my video...peace and joy and love, O

mermaid musings said...

I love your bookshelves, and your patio, your whole house!!!!
And what a fantastic authentic gifts you got for your hubbie.
I want a place like that for me.
I am so glad to hear your voice and your videos you are such a gracious hostess, I had a wonderful time checking your surroundings!
Blessings my dear!

Olivia said...

Thank you, Carmen, you are welcome in OWorld all the time. Love and peace, O