Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tribute to Izzy

I saw this today on Amazon Daily's Blog and just had to repeat it here at the happyluau. You'll be familiar with the song, an Adaptation of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". You've heard it on movies, television shows, commercials, and more. You may not know that it is performed by Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole. Enjoy a five minute break with this tribute to IZ and the beautiful music and images!


Rick Hamrick said...

I have seen this tribute video before. What a gentle, sweet energy you can feel, even just from seeing him over the internet, O!

The American Idol contestant who sang a portion of Izzy's arrangement of Over the Rainbow last night would have made Iz proud: he did a very sweet, simple rendition which was a great tribute of his own.

Olivia said...

Yes, I agree Rick.

I love the simple people here in this video too, faces filled with joy, and the Hawaiians. There is something about Native Hawaiians as a people that melts my heart.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Rick.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,



thailandchani said...

He is just a wonderful guy.. and this video should become more popular, now that Jason Castro did it on American Idol last night.

Olivia said...

He really is, Chani. I hope it does become more popular, and that IZ's work lives on...Peace tonight, O xxoo

mermaid musings said...

Love it!
Felt great, too!

Kate I said...

Thanks for posting this Olivia...such a beautiful feels wonderful to listen to it and feel it wash over me.

Olivia said...

Carmen and Kate, I'm so glad you loved it like I did...peace and aloha, O

Jessie said...

to touch so many lives...what a beautiful thing.

love you, dear olivia!!

Olivia said...

Yes, indeed Jessie. Me too you!