Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogger Posts Can Now Be Scheduled (Sort Of, But Not Really)

I just heard that Blogger posts can now be scheduled. When you're done composing your post, look in the lower left hand corner, above "Publish Post". You'll see "Post Options". There you can schedule posts for any time in the future. I used to do this with my old blog and loved it. I used to post clear through my vacations, instead of leaving a long gap of no posts. Admittedly, those posts would have to be timeless---things like quotes and musings---and comments wouldn't be responded to promptly, but I like having this feature.

It's pretty good since Blogger is free, don't you think?

UPDATE: At the present time, this feature doesn't really work. As Chani wrote in the comments, it simply posts your post right away but stamps it with a future date and/or time. I'll change this if/when it ever works the way it is supposed to!!


thailandchani said...

It is a neat feature.. but what happens is that you designate a time and date but it doesn't hold them. It still publishes to your site but will show the time and date you have specified.

I've used it several times when I want something to show as having posted the next morning or something like that.

If only it would hold them in draft, that would be ideal.

Rick Hamrick said...

What? Free? Blogger is free, Olivia? Who has been cashing all those checks I have been mailing every month?
(okay...just kidding)

Olivia said...


Well, that's too bad...I'm going to try it out here so that I know what you mean and then I'll update my post!



Olivia said...

Yes, and Rick, did you know that there is a charge for reading my blog, too...and you are definitely behind on your payments. Just send me a nice check and I'll mark your account accordingly :)

Jane said...

I like that Blogger is free and I have no idea what my life would be like if I were not typing daily out in to the Universe and making wonderful connections! I just keep waiting for Blogger to give us some new templates.

Rick Hamrick said...

Check's in the mail, O!

Jane--I have been messing around with a 3-column template for Blogger which some genius created and published on his own website, but I have yet to decide whether to use it for real or not.

Given that I have not changed the look of my own blog since the day I started blogging, I don't have much to complain about in the area of templates. You, on the other hand, do cool stuff all the time with yours!