Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Eavesdropping---"Not a Neanderthal"!

Here is a humorous video that LoveHubbie took at another sunset in Maui during which I marvel that he knows what "Namaste" means...LoveHubbie is a recovering fundamentalist Christian with a busy and important job who nevertheless has listened to something I've said over the last eight plus years we've been married. I'm amazed!

Apologies in advance to enlightened male happyluau readers Rick, Sylvain, and Scott! And of course to all of the other males who read this blog...we judge you as unevolved in some ways, but deep down we know it's just due to our unwillingness and/or inability to look beyond appearances to see you as the glorious beings you truly are.

This video is 1:27:


Scott said...

Oh Olivia, I've been enjoying your Hawaii videos. I do enjoy the second paragraph of this post and hope that I have evolved as well. I suppose there are times where I it would appear that I have not evolved, but I think you really hit on the topic in your second paragraph.

Take care!

Rick Hamrick said...

Oh, my.

I was laughing out loud by the time you were closing the scene with your, um, your interesting noises, O!

Now that Scott and I have commented, I'll bet Sylvain will be by any minute...the triumvirate which will rescue mankind from the Neanderthal tendencies exhibited by too many!! (really big grin)

Sylvain said...

Not a Neanderthal…lol. I suppose for one to be with a wonderful and enlightened partner such as Kelly, that is the bare-minimum price of admission. :-)
There are a lot of things I do not know. But I am always eager to learn. Such as with the meaning of Namaste. 5 or 6 months ago, I did NOT know what it meant. But in blog land, I kept seeing it, particularly on Brandi’s blog, so I looked it up. Perhaps therein lies the secret to non-neanderthalism. Willing to admit you don’t know, and being eager to find out. But lets not get crazy here, I still refuse to ask to for directions.

mermaid musings said...

I enjoyed this video as well, you look so fantastic and playful, wonderful to hear of your happiness

Olivia said...

The Enlightened Male Triumvirate...this literally left me ROTFL! You guys are just WAY too funny!!

Peace and xxoo,


Maureen said...

oh i laughed at this one, Olivia -- i just found your blog -- beautiful! and this video is hilarious and profound at the same time. I'm really glad you left everything in it, even your laughter, your very real astonishment, and your lovehubbie's funny noises. Namaste to both of you, from me (in Montana) Mahalo!

Olivia said...

Namaste and Mahalo to you, Maureen, and E Komo Mai (Welcome) to the happyluau! I"m so glad you enjoyed it,

Blessings, Olivia