Saturday, March 1, 2008

Depression Recovery Moment #4: Look Your Best

For other vlogs in this series, click "Depression Recovery Moment" in the sidebar on the right under "Categories". All videos are under one minute long and are intended to be reminders when you're feeling blue.

This DRM is 48 seconds:


Rick Hamrick said...

Whenever we are feeling less than great, the single-biggest challenge is to recall even the simplest of techniques for dragging one's butt out of the doldrums.

For this reason alone, O, I honor you for this series! These reminders are perfect for when one is feeling down. They are simple, they don't require any dramatic effort on the part of the viewer, and they add up to movement out of the pit.

My even-more-simple mantra for decades: move. Just do one thing. I love your expansion of this to concrete, easy-to-accomplish tasks which lead to a different perspective.


thailandchani said...

I agree with Rick. It's easy to forget these little things most of all - and they're typically the first things we forget when depression hits.

BTW, your response to 4am Expat was awesome! I think you may have gotten through to her.


Olivia said...

Thank, you Rick. That is a great mantra---MOVE! Perfect for everything not just depression :)

These things help me as much as they may hopefully be good for anyone else.

Wishing you special Saturday blessings, O

Olivia said...


Thanks! I hope I did.

Re: 4amExpat---Hating people is a self-defeating strategy, setting yourself up for self-destructiveness and failure, even if you succeed. Many ways are so much better. I get her point, of course, but man, hatred is so not the way to go. That was a lively discussion; thanks for letting me know about it!

Saturday Night Blessings to you,