Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Depression Recovery Moment #21: Spiritual Practice

For other vlogs in this series, click "Depression Recovery Moment" in the sidebar on the right under "Categories". All videos are under one minute long and are intended to be reminders when you're feeling blue.

This DRM is 27 seconds:


Rick Hamrick said...


Where is number 20?? O, you are testing my ever-so-slight tendency toward OCD.

Oh, well. You can fill us in on the mysterious gap between 19 and 21 in a couple of weeks.

Olivia said...

No, you got me, Rick! I was hoping no one would notice :) I taped one called "Play" and lost time to redo it...Do you think the Universe is trying to send me a message?

BTW, thanks to your superior proofreading skills and amazing attention to detail, you have won my "Man, Did You Help Me Out Award", previously only held by one person...oddly, another man---Sylvain! There is nothing at all you need to do for this award except to enjoy it and to brag about it to your friends and loved ones and fellow bloggers and co-workers.

Thanks, Rick, as always,



Rick Hamrick said...

Gosh, I didn't prepare an acceptance speech or anything! (grin)

Thanks very much, Olivia, not only for the award which I will be bothering strangers on the street to discuss, but also for your kind acceptance of my efforts to help by pointing out the teensy little glitches. It's a gift I have that many find annoying.

And, again, please have a most-wondrous vacation time, and tell Mark we expect even more-gorgeous photos than we have seen over the many posts here at Happy Luau (and, no pressure!).

Olivia said...

You got it, Rick! I'll relay your message to Mark too. He got a new underwater camera to take pictures with while snorkeling, so there should be some doozies!

You know, when I was putting those up there at 2am or so last night, I thought, "I'll bet Rick is going to notice...but maybe he won't". Really.

I'll cover Play thoroughly in Maui and if I'm in the mood I'll relay my experiences regarding Play when I return.

Seriously, though, this is like the push at the end of the race. We waited too long to go this time, and so we'll learn from this.

Nada to overwork in the future...when will we learn our lessons!

Peace tonight, O