Friday, July 22, 2011

Thanks to Those Who Bring Joy

Thank you Patti, for the color you add in my life! Some people just bring color and joy with them, with their, energy, don't you think? Like kate i, writing yesterday on her blog about gratitude and reminding me of what I need to see in every thing that happens--gratitude. And thank you for sending joy my way, Kate and Dawn and all bring joy to the happyluau.

I also appreciated seeing the comments from gemma--it looks like you lived in Phoenix, where I lived for over ten years, and still love to visit. It got way too hot there for me and I ended up here in the Land of Perpetual Rain and Missing Summers. And from Mary...who does things the simpler and easier way by picking fruit from local farmers instead of having fruit trees to care for. I just bought a fruit picker. And I have someone to help me pick as well (although maybe I should just ask deb :), since they are very high up. Sometimes simpler is better. 

I love that Rebecca has described my castle as "joy-colored". Oh, yes! Joy is every color and all colors and any color, isn't it? And Meri wrote about cultivating and harvesting joy...this is a wonderful way to look at it, I think.

I receive the love you sent, Noelle, with gratitude and happiness. And the insights about Joy having its opposite waiting in the shadows...I have indeed had a rebirth. I'm going through an intense time, fortunately with lots of wonderful support here and in therapy and in two therapeutic groups I am in. And someone I love and am close to is going through a very painful and hopefully healing time. Every day is filled with uncertainty, and at the same time serenity, and I learn from each and every one of you and find courage to face each day. I really and truly see how much we all need each other.

In the past I've been much of a hermit. I really thought this was good for me. Although I'll always be introverted, I now see this as also a type of isolating and withdrawal to deal with pain---pain that I didn't deal with though, or maybe couldn't deal with at the time. It was my best attempt though. Now I am turning that around and very painfully coming out of my shell, being reborn. It is a precious time and I thank you for sharing it with me.

Kristine, art is therapeutic, and I know it, but I haven't yet experienced it like that yet. God knows I want to! I think that I am [still] holding back, but that as long as I persist and don't run away from or avoid my feelings and make time for art that I will have a breakthrough.

I hope to have more art to share with you soon :) xoO

The above photo is the very rare "Indian Pipe" or "Ghost Plant", which is not actually a plant nor a fungus, but considered an "oddity" and is growing right along our driveway.

~Photos by me


patti said...

It is a pleasure for me to share my colours with you O!

I just love your little introverted sculpture, so perfect for the person you used to be and the petals unfurling being the new you!

Change can be painful, but you are strong enough to get to the other side.... x

P.S. The art may not FEEL like it's doing you good, but I know from experience that it will be!

patti said...

P.P.S. The gardener in me is very intrigued by your little alien plant. Magical!

Kim Mailhot said...

Light & love to you, Olivia. I am so glad you have found a safe place to connect with other hearts. You have such a gift for loving, Beautiful One.
Shine on !

rebecca said...

dear one....
it is as if you are this rare white plant emerging into the light. how lovely...the way you have draped a petal over your sculpture with such love and regard...and the way you have sprinkled us all around among your acknowledging words.
i love seeing your truth welling up, your courage and desire to face the past, so you can stand fully in each new moment.

i believe in you.

Dawn Elliott said...

What an especially sweet tribute to your blogging friends! I am also primarily introverted and dream of being more of a hermit! I'm so glad to hear that you're working through some issues...not easy, but so necessary for our growth and wholeness. Your photos are the red petals enveloping the statue, as well as the ghost plants...they're a little blessing right there in your yard!