Thursday, July 28, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday: And in Illness

Writing a post about joy first thing on a Thursday morning sets the intention for joy for the whole rest of the day. It is a beautiful spiritual practice, and I'm grateful to Kim and Meri for thinking of it. 

So today I am sharing the joy even though I have shingles. For the 4th time. The last time was five years ago. But my joy is in that I am able to be connected to you and with myself...and yes, I am even able to FEEL the joy although sick...illness is a part of life! And showing up for "what is" is also a part of life, I am finding out...paradoxically, this BRINGS joy. Today, I am wishing YOU joy!

Here is my piece "Joy in Pain" completed:

And as always, this Thursday I share the joy of:

Being alive still another day

Anticipating the day as being "good" :)

Being able to see

Feeling like we are all connected (because we are)


If you are reading wish you JOY!

~photo by me with my iPhone


Carmen said...

i love this beautiful eco friendly piece of art!!!!
you are a joy in illness too
and get better real soon!

Kim Mailhot said...

I hope you find relief for your pain and ick hurts quickly, Lovely One. Perhaps lots of joyful thoughts coming your way will help. They are on their way !
Light and love !

Anonymous said...

Oh Olivia, I feel your pain. I had shingles two years ago and although it was a mild case that only lasted about 6-8 weeks, I know how uncomfortable it is. It's odd that just this morning I was wondering if I should get the vaccine to prevent getting it again. (have you had the vaccine?)

When I got it I was going through a lot of stress (which I know you've had recently) and I felt like my body was telling me that if I wasn't able to "stop", it would take matters in hand to force me to stop and start taking care of myself.

I'm so glad you're able, even through this, to see and feel the joy in all of life...not always easy when you're in pain.

gentle hugs, Kate

patti said...

I remember my Dad having shingles and we did all sorts of things to distract him!

Journaling is a great way of transmuting pain and I love your finished piece!

The vaccine Kate mentions sounds good and I hope it is a possibility for you. Take care and be well soon x

Olivia said...

Thank you everyone...and kate i, no I haven't had the vaccine, but a nurse friend of mine is checking into whether or not I'm a candidate for it. If I am I will get it as I'm a repeater. Only 4% of people that get shingles will ever get it again, but as you know it can be incredibly painful and strike at an unpredictable but always inconvenient time. I think that the vaccine could be worth it for everyone as the one complication of shingles---PHN---is disabling. It is always when the body is under stress...another argument for aggressive self-care. love to you, xoO

Meri said...

Oh, ouch! So terrible to top off a stress cake with shingles frosting. And to have had repeat episodes -- totally unfair. I'm sending you love but wish I could do more.

rebecca said...

oh i am so sorry to read this. i have heard just how painful this can be. please take extra special care olivia! creating is a true path of healing. one i employ everyday.

surrounding you in love!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

To create even when in pain...the path to healing...

Cinner said...

Olivia, hi I am sorry to hear you have this. I too have heard how painful it can be. I am sending prayers your way for strength to get through the hard days ahead. keep doing and things will be a bit better. sending a big hug.

CrystalChick said...

Olivia, I'm very sorry that you have Shingles. I've never had them myself, but do know from others that they are quite painful. I wish you a quick recovery!
Glad you are still feeling JOY despite the difficulties.
Hooray that you finished your art piece!! Lovely colors.

sarah said...

oh friend had shingles and it was awful...I really feel for you.....and wish you didn't have to go through this. I too wish you a fast recovery from it. love your pictures.

Seeking Simplicity said...


My father gets shingles from time tom time. It usually occurs after a very stressful period in his life. And he's in a lot of pain and the shingles are very painful.

I hope this time allows you to rest and meditate and journal. Love yourself babe!!


Kate said...

OH I am sorry to hear you have shingles, I have heard it is awful and that there is a vaccine, I hope you will be able to take it. Sending love your way,