Monday, July 18, 2011

A Catch-Up Post for a Terrific Tuesday

LoveHubbie's oldest son got married just over three weeks ago and the pictures are here. They are great. Don't look for me in any of them (I'm actually in two in the background) but who cares about that, as the lovely couple is what everyone is interested in. The photographer was outstanding, I thought, and captured many candid as well as posed moments. She certainly has a wonderful eye! Most of all, she captured the "feel" of the wedding, which I think is the hardest part. Check them out! 

I wanted to address several things that came up in the comments. One is that the font I am using is a new Blogger font, and there are quite a few of them...this one is called "Coming Soon" and the blog post title is called "Fontdiner Swanky".

Rebecca wrote "everyone loves is affirming to be seen, to be heard." This is so true. When you leave a comment on my blog, although I'm experimenting with not answering directly in the comments, I will go to your blog and leave a comment there too. I think that is one way to let you know that you are seen and heard (as well as writing about it here) and that this builds community, a reciprocity. There are a few people (very, very few) whose blogs I follow and comment on who do not follow mine...but mostly I enjoy the exchanges that take place between community and the relationships that result. This is the strength of blogging, I think--finding authentic community and sharing and expressing with each other. Rebecca said that it "keeps the love circling" and that is so true!

I just finished a big project that has to do with a loved one's therapy. I have my own therapy and therapeutic activities that I've been participating in all week, as well as doing many things to help LoveHubbie's business this week.

Here is a picture from my art journal in the style of the Queen of Arts, Kim Mailhot, and inspired by a post she did a while ago. Kim shares Big Love with so many, including me. It says "Big Love is Good Love" and "guard your heart". It's the photo I've been editing for past posts:

Oh, and have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!


patti said...

What a joyous wedding! I love, love, love the brides dress and everyone dancing... just wonderful!

Thanks for sharing the font details, I just love it!

And thanks most of all for sharing your art, it's very special!!

CrystalChick said...

The wedding photographs were beautiful! Hope the newly married couple has many years of happiness!

Love the colors in your art journal. :)

Kate said...

I love the page you did and the wedding photos are just lovely. I hope you are doing well on this beautiful summer day,


Kim Mailhot said...

I am so loving the new energy you have in your blogging, Olivia ! You can really feel it shining through !
And to know that you are inspired by my art to create your own, well, that is just amazingly touching to me. Thanks for that, my Friend.
Happy Tuesday, Beautiful, Beautiful One !

rebecca said...

i am so thrilled that you are enjoying your new vibrant blog experience.
how blessed we all in the great circle of love!

Cinner said...

I love the art page you did, it is wonderful. I love Kims work, now I am going to check out the pics of the wedding. take care.

Carmen said...

you are shining!
love this mermaid A LOT!!!!!
i hope you are getting better i have been in vacation and away from all things (and persons) in the internet
sorry to hear your news about shingles, those hurt! ayyyaaay!
wishing for your wellbeing amiga mia!