Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sacred Life Sunday: Drama-Free

Today is my second drama-free day of the weekend. I set up my weekend so that my normal sources of drama are cut off and I can relax and let go all weekend long. So that I only have in my life people and experiences that are edifying and that carry a peaceful energy.

Yesterday I went to Nisqually Wildlife Refuge again and walked four miles. Then I came home and could hardly move, but in a good way. I took a hot bath with Masada Bath Salts (as per Lori-Lyn's excellent recommendation).

Late at night I made some stuffed peppers for lunch today, the first time I've made them alone, without my friend and cooking coach. This afternoon my priest is coming over for spiritual direction and she and I will enjoy lunch in the garden. I have spent lots of time processing things, too.

Ordinary things.

It has felt like a precious, sacred weekend so far.

Now I've decided my task will be to learn to make peaceful energy and interactions my new normal. Did you know that my name "Olivia" means peace? It is my highest value.

How do you keep the drama in your life low? If you don't, why not?

~Picture is of my back gate taken and edited by me


Suzie Ridler said...

What a stunning post and no, I didn't know your name meant peace! How beautiful and appropriate.

I am relaxing today and reading the autobiography of Julie Child and her year in France this afternoon. Very drama free too.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post Olivia and I'm so happy to hear of your peaceful weekend. I love that you made yourself (and peace) a you know, I've been down that road too! Once I made the decision to not spend another minute of my life in drama, it was just a matter of honouring myself enough to do whatever it took to stay there.

For awhile, it felt like I was tapping every ten minutes, whenever my mind went "down that road" but now, it feels like my natural state. I'm still amazed at how fast this has happened...two to three months really.

Besides tapping, I walk, create art and enjoy nature...those are my main "go to's" to find peace. I'm in the midst of painting a picture of lotus flowers right now and that certainly puts me in the peaceful zone.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that you've had this beautiful weekend!

Peaceful blessings dear friend.

CrystalChick said...

I'm glad you are enjoying a nice weekend.
There are times when little bits of drama creep in. I have a fairly large circle of people in my life so to avoid the assorted situations that can arise with some of them would probably be impossible.
But I do try to spend spare time with crafting, reading, going to the bookstore cafe and having alone time. Sometimes, just not answering the phone works too. ;)
During my warm bubble bath time or when I'm doing Reiki I'm usually not bothered by anyone either.
So I think it's very good for people to have things they enjoy in life and try to make a little time each day for something personal. Saying no sometimes is good too.

Olivia is a lovely name. It's quite nice that it means PEACE!

patti said...

Your post does have a tranquil feel to it today O. I'm so glad that you are making progress with keeping drama out of your life.

I also find that getting out in nature is one of the bests ways to find peace.

I've always loved the name Olivia and it is beautiful that it means peace!

Seeking Simplicity said...

Dear Olivia... I'm happy your weekend was drama-free. That can be so relaxing and nourishing. And how did your stuffed peppers turn out?

A long soak in a warm tub sounds wonderful right about now. I did call Gayle (my fantastic massage therapist.. and hope to get a massage scheduled this week). After talking with you I started to think about why I haven't been doing things for myself... and massage is something that I love, its a spiritual thing for me that I've been missing.... so its going to be back in my life.

Sweet dreams tonight....



Kate said...

Great to hear about your drama free weekend. I have been using Celtic Sea Salt that I can get locally. I have planned to order some of the Masada brand to try it. Do you like it? Have you tried any other brands?


Olivia said...

Thanks, Suzie, the books you're reading make for having such a lovely weekend. Reading helps maintain peace, I think, and perspective, and keeps me grounded in reality, even if it's fiction!

Thank you, kate. I would like to find this groundedness with EFT, but of course, I have to do it to find it, no? The initial resistance is profound for me, still...Walking, art, and nature--yes--lowers the drama level, grounds, brings you back to yourself. I need to practice what I know and actually LEARN it. Thank you, kate.

Mary Catherine, yes to all, all so good. That commitment to avoiding the "drama creep" is vital, isn't it. In my life, it can come in the back door.

Patti, Nature is all around me, especially in my garden, so close, and really accessible this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. I truly can avail myself of it more. Saturday I walked out at the bird sanctuary again and it had a calming affect...

EB, my stuffed peppers were wonderful. The rice cooks inside the peppers so it was challenging in a fun way. I'm so glad you're going to be acting on something you want. That is so important and feels good in two ways--one is that you get the self-care benefit and the other is that you feel more empowered because you acted. At least I do. I need to do this more, too!

Hi, Kate, yes I like the Masada...I have never tried any other brand. I like that it is unscented too. And that I can get it fast and inexpensively in two days from Amazon without leaving the house.

Thank you all so much for commenting, for your encouragement and support, and for sharing your lives with me! Much love to you, xoO

sarah said...

the sacred in ordinary things....yes to this.

Olivia said...

Sarah, yes and amen, and thank you for commenting. Peace, Olivia

Kim Mailhot said...

You are brilliant, Peaceful One.

Once again, our journey appears to be taking similar twists, as I spend the next few days blocking out the "drama", or negative stuff (even though my main source of drama comes from within !), and nurturing the yummy, good stuff.

I am inspired by your strength. Thank you for that.

Olivia said...

Ah, thank you, My Queen.

You are right about the "similar twists". My main source of drama also comes from within.

I am also inspired by your journey, working on staying strong, and contemplating making big changes to support myself,

Wishing you extra Big Love, xoO

rebecca said...

dear olivia,

your photograph takes me to such a place of peace. i love how the flower petals both arch above lifting ones eyes heavenward, and fall below, a tapestry of sacred pulling ones footsteps inside.

the gate, a place to hesitate and leave the weight of the worldly behind, enter mindfully the inner peace of the sacred.

your photograph is the perfect embodiment of all your thought filled words expressed so beautifully here.

this post is a perfect path to heaven on earth, to sacred in the ordinary, to unfolding in the present.

thank you for blessing my spirit with each bright reflection of your love.

Carmen said...

i try my best to stay away from it (i work in a office believe me there is drama here)
the truth i try to keep things to myself here but at home i tried not to overthink stuff or the past and that helps but yes drama is so very contagious

Olivia said...

Rebecca, you convey more beauty and peace in your words than anyone I know. Thank you so much for blessing me with this comment.

And Carmen, good to see you here, I know what you mean about drama being contagious. We can be seduced if we don't have boundaries and sometimes vigilantly enforce them at first.

Love to you both, xoO

Dawn Elliott said...

What a beautiful and serene photo...the perfect place to spend a day in comtemplation.

I try to surround myself with healthy people to avoid drama, but some sneaks in now and again, anyway...I think it's part of life. But like everything else, deciding to do - or not do - something starts on a personal level.

Good luck with your big changes!

Kelly said...

Olivia, this post really feels calm and peaceful. I keep the drama in my life low by having other peace-loving people in my life.

Olivia said...

Yes, indeed, Dawn. I think that you are right...that drama is a part of life, and will seep in. I have seen people whom I admire draw their boundaries really hard and I like might be like pest maintenance to keep cockroaches and mice can be aggressive and have a pest-free home or you can be lackadaisical and have a few pests. Thank you!

Kelly, yes, you and Dawn both. But then when there is one installed in your you then remove them? I already know you cannot change them. And I guess it depends how close they are to you as well. One thing I know to do is to not be drawn a soap opera on television--you let them rant and express angst and scream and plot and I think you eventually...change the channel...or turn the television off. Peace to you today, and love, xoO