Saturday, July 16, 2011

And Some Small Changes

So I changed the design of my blog happyluau a bit. It was time. I love the sprout on the right of the background picture, just beginning to blossom, and since I am a late bloomer, it suits me. And since I feel as though I to am just beginning to blossom!

I also really like the blue.

I am thinking of blogging more regularly.

And of cherishing the comments, instead of answering them.

When I simply answer your comments I struggle sometimes. I can't possibly tell you what they mean to me, so what can I say? I can't convey the love I have for you adequately, either, nor the gratitude. So I feel as though what I write is so inadequate and frustrating.

When I cherish the comments, I write about them in my journal. I hold them in my heart and meditate on them. And sometimes I even think of blog posts to put up about them, but then never do, since blog time feels so scarce.

So to reverse this, I am going to not answer the comments for a while. Instead I'm going to sit with them, and refer to them in the actual blog posts for and see how this works. happyluau will be more of an ongoing discussion, I hope, with references to commments and posts both.

Have a wonderful weekend, xoO


patti said...

O, I absolutely love your new look!

The font is fun and easy to read and the blue is beautiful! The sprout is very appropriate as you say.

As for the comments, it will be interesting to see how you weave them into your posts. I love reading your blog, you always get me thinking about things, and an ongoing discussion would be great to have here.

And thankyou for the comments you leave on my blog, like you, I treasure each one.

Anonymous said...

I like your new blog design O...when changes happen on the inside, they're usually reflected somehow on the outside and this is a beautiful reflection of all your inner work.

And it's always a joy to read your blog so changing things up a bit (with your format) will be inspiration for everyone.

Blessings to you and all your changes...big and small.

Lori-Lyn said...

I love your new look and I love what you have to say about comments. Much love to you~

Kate said...

Your new look is fabulous, and I love to think that you are treasuring our comments in your journal.

Much Love,


Sorry about your paint situation. I lived with my room needing painting for a long time and I am glad that I finally just did it.

Kim Mailhot said...

I love the blue and the sprout too.
Whatever way you play, I will be here to play along whenever I can !
Happy Weekend, Olivia ! And thank you for being wonderful you !

CrystalChick said...

The new design is wonderful!

I have always wondered what to do with comments on my blogs. I definitely read them since I do get email notification and certainly appreciate everyone who leaves a few words, but I don't always respond. A blog friend questioned why I don't. On his blog, the comment page is sometimes as interesting as the blog post because he responds in depth to each and every comment and adds additional things to the post that way. I generally go back after leaving a comment there to read what he's written but that can be time-consuming also because I'm tempted to want to read the other comments and his responses to them too and most of the time there are quite a few.
Sometimes I will email respond to a comment if an address is available and occasionally there will be some further dialogue that way.
Other times I respond in the comment box on the post.
And sometimes, not at all. I don't really think that anyone returns to my posts to check for follow-up comments.
On the assorted blogs I read, some authors do respond to comments and some don't, so it seems to be a personal thing.

I'm sure your blog will continue to be interesting and fun to read no matter what changes you make.

rebecca said...

love your new look and the way you are following your heart.
everyone loves is affirming to be seen, to be heard.

i have a very simple approach to this...

when someone visits and takes the time to leave a comment...i follow the link back to their blog and i find a post that resonates with me,
and i leave them them a comment. because i believe they too love the acknowledgement of being seen, and being heard.

simple, sincere and it keeps the love circling!

Jane said...

I love the new look. The font almost seems like handwriting...I glimpse in to a journal. Well done Olivia! I too am a late bloomer so I love the meaning behind the bloom. Lately I find that I want to post more but have such little time to visit any blogs. I'd like to find a happy balance.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, you are MOVING! I also really like this font. What is it called?

patti said...

Back Again!

I just have to say I love Kelly's comment! You are indeed MOVING!!