Friday, January 28, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: New Practices

I am preparing for vacation, not yet packing, but arranging for our house-sitters, the garden, the chickens, and most importantly, picking my books and audio for that time, which is what I mostly do on vacation: read, walk, write, listen to my iPod.

This time it will be different though because it will be a time of listening, and inward time. My intention is to develop a regular meditation practice--something I've "tried" before and never continued--and to develop a light yoga practice--twenty minutes a day of mostly relaxing poses--something I used to do but not in the last the few years.

Being in Hawaii is the perfect time to learn yet again to be present.

I am someone who has lived in her head her whole life and likes it there. It is comfortable, and it is busy. Noisy.

Recently I discovered that it is also kind of mean in there. My self-talk is not's very critical...I have begun changing this and the meditation and yoga will help tremendously in this, as will the being present. Breathing. Slowing down.

One of my best visits to Hawaii was one in which we went to a conference for LoveHubbie's work. I sat on the balcony of the Sheraton in Waikiki looking out at Diamond Head and read Jon Kabat-Zinn's "Coming to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness". I checked the book's Amazon page and noticed that this was six--SIX--whole years ago. To my chagrin, I am still as anxious and as unmindful as ever. Thus, I'm grateful for some extra time to focus on the opportunity to apply this important teaching and to do it in Hawaii. Of course, this can be done anytime at all, but when you're breaking lifetime habits, it's helpful to have some intensive time to immerse yourself.

In the spirit of this, I'm going to unplug totally, like I did when I went to Brazil. No email, no Facebook, no Twitter, just my cell phone for emergencies. Instead, I'm taking a large blank Moleskine and planning on writing...I wrote pages and pages in Brazil...for me this was better than any entertainment I could ever imagine.

I am starting to turn away from daily tasks, letting go of things here, and preparing for the change...

~Photo is actual picture taken with my phone from the balcony.


patti said...

Beautiful intentions O! I am sure you will be able to realise them in a beautiful place like Hawaii!

Have a wonderful time!

laundrygirl said...

Sounds pretty wonderful!

Kim Mailhot said...

I have been attending a meditation class once weekly for two years now, plus I try to mediate on my own at least a few times weekly.
The greatest lesson my wonderful teacher/friend Deb taught me was to have compassion for the self. If the meditationg doesn't seem easy some days or it is a constant bringing back the mind to the place of meditation, that is okay. You are building muscles in your spirit brain and that takes time. And not every workout will be effective.
I know busy brain very very well myself, Lovely One, and my meditation muscles have become a superb tool to get a few moments of calm and quiet.
I hope you experience similar success as you give your brain and your spirit some extra, well deserved loving.
Bon Voyage !!! ;)

Olivia said...

Thank you, my lady friends! I appreciate the support.

Kim, I didn't know that you meditated...self-compassion, just what I need right now. I appreciate your suggestions and will take them to heart.

I am excited about this new adventure.

Thank you again, lovely ladies.

Love, fun, and joy,


Seeking Simplicity said...

Oh; glad I caught you before you left. Have an amazing time. I hope you are able to renew yourself, to really go deep inside and listen.

I will miss you and your regular posts on Facebook... but will be excited to hear about your insights and discoveries upon your return.

Mega hugs...
Ang aka EB

Olivia said...

Thanks, EB. Likewise, and take very good care of yourself, my dear. I will be wishing you the very best with your health challenges. I'll bring back stories to share. Much love, xoO

Jane said...

I've started meditating daily and it really helps get me centered. My friend was telling me today that the breathing exercises are so important to. Happiest of vacations for you!