Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sacred Life Sunday: Today I Can See

This is a follow-up to this post about my diagnosis with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It has now been 12 days since my diagnosis. I will be seeing a specialist in Seattle in mid-March for a second opinion and more importantly, more information on the specifics of my diagnosis and prognosis. I am doing well and am adjusting and best of all--today I can see--which I really and truly appreciate like I never have before. I expect I'll feel this way every day from now on.

I have done some things that have been helpful for me, but that maybe everyone can find some inspiration in:

(1) I have hyper-focused my life by evaluating what is truly important if I had, say, six months of vision left. What would I drop out? I'm dropping it out now. Why wait? Big changes in my life here. Everyone could benefit by thinking about this, don't you think?

(2) Although my vision is still poor, I was able to get accurate driving glasses. This means I can drive myself safely places during the day, including to Seattle to keep working on getting the other pairs of glasses I'll need. Instead of being frustrated about how blurry things are, I am grateful for every last little bit of blurry sight. I no longer feel much frustration at all, in fact. Why not always be grateful for what we do have, instead of focusing on what we are missing?

(3) I came up with a personal healing protocol of vitamin supplements (the only known thing that can positively affect AMD) and green superfoods. The doctor's nurse said, "Of course, you might think that this is the last thing you should be hearing from a doctor, and you might be very disappointed, but you need to include some specific things in your diet." I was overjoyed. There was something that I could do and it was something that I understood. Green leafy vegetables. Antioxidant fruits. I'm better with these than most people but not where I need to be, thus the superfood help. All is going well in this area as well. Why not improve our diets before we have to?

(4) I am using things instead of saving them for the future. Today is all we have. For all of us, today is all we have for sure.

(5) I am working to balance the time I spend in my head (previously 100%) with time spent in my body, focused on my body, doing things not involving my eyes and research and writing and thinking and typing and analyzing. Things like yoga. Listening to music. Meditating. Am I doing any of this? No, not yet. Not at all. Yet. But I will. I guarantee you, I will. The resistance I have to doing any of this is enormous, and it involves changing the patterns of over a half-century, but I know that it will still happen. Without striving and pushing, it will happen.

(6) Accepting what I can change and what I cannot change. I am not in control, but God/Spirit/the Universe is. And this is the way it always has been, so acceptance is what is indicated. This helps me to relax and to feel relief and to know that everything is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to.

Today is also my 11th Wedding Anniversary with LoveHubbie Mark 

~All photos by LoveHubbie Mark. They are from several years ago, thus the blond hair and warm-looking weather :)


Kate said...


First, Happy Anniversary! second I see all sorts of wonderful positive things you have going on here. Wonderful lessons for us all. To truly live in the moment is so powerful in itself. Wishing you ease as you transiton all these new things into your life.


patti said...

I had an old friend who lived with illness for many years and she swore by kelp - it fixes everything that ails you, as far as she was concerned! :)

Yes, physical things like yoga and meditation to help relax are always good. You are doing all you can O, lots of slow cleansing breaths. What you are doing/planning will make a difference. Taking one day at a time is great advice.

Happy Anniversary!

Olivia said...

Kate, thank you, I am going to claim that "ease" that you wish for me, because it will be so helpful, I do believe that also. Thanks for your encouraging words.

And likewise, Patti. Thank you. I love kelp. I will make sure to remember it especially. Here we have a store called Trader Joe's and they make a kelp snack that is just sheets of kelp w/ a tiny bit of oil, and it's one of my favorites. Also, of course I like sushi. And the kind of kelp you shake onto food instead of salt---delicious!

Thank both of your ladies for your support!


Kim Mailhot said...

Olivia, it sounds like you have put a wonderful plan into place. These changes will benefitial to your eye condition but also to you whole being in general. You inspire, Lovely One. Praying for extra strength for you as you make your adjustments.
Big Love !

Olivia said...

Thank you, Kim. I think there is nothing negative--all is positive--about the changes I need to make right now, and all so personally edifying. Thank you for your prayers, My Queen...I appreciate your Big Love so much. Peace and love and seeing beauty everywhere!! xoO

kikipotamus said...

Happy Anniversary, Olivia! Thank you for including us in this journey and for updating us on your thoughts and feelings.

Olivia said...

Thanks, Kelly, and thanks for being there to witness it and cheer me on. I couldn't do it without you, and am glad that I don't have to. Much love, xoO

Jane said...


I have been out of action with blog visits for so long. So much has been going on here and I'm happy to be catching up again. I love to read about your positive outlook and it is a great reminder to be grateful for what we do have while we still have it. I've been having quite a few pity party days lately and then I remind myself of all the goodness. I love to make green smoothies with kale!

Olivia said...

Thank you, Jane. It's good to see you here. I remember your kale chips too :) xoO