Monday, January 3, 2011

Creative Endeavors for 2011

I decided to participate in Ken Robert's "Let's Make a Mess of 2011 - The Thirty Dirty Pages Project".  You can see his lovely title page here. Who wants to join me?

To participate, you draw a hand drawn page every day. When you have 30 you turn them into a book. The book can/will be messy.

The rules are:
(1) Draw something.
(2) Write something.
(3) Make a page.
(4) Repeat daily.
(5) Get out of the way!

Only rule #5 is mandatory. I am going to do it. I like that it can be ordinary or bad (as in messy and/or done by someone with zero talent). I know I'll enjoy this because I fit right in. And hey, at the end I have a book.

And I am still in The Queen of Creativity's Castle. They are all so good over there. I haven't participated as much as I want to, having trouble moving forward, still. I think that the messy drawings from Ken's group may help me to lose my fears of showing my art. Thus, more participation here in Kate's castle. It is more of something I aspire to than something that I can actually do. Today. But maybe not tomorrow!

And lastly, Leah's Creative Every Day for 2011. I'm up for it, Leah. I skipped 2010 and missed it. So I'm back. Creative every day enhances my life. I like the reminder and the accountability.

So I'll be looking forward to some good creative times in 2011 and look forward to sharing them with you!


patti said...

Looks great O! I always enjoy the creativity of others, especially if it's spontaneous and fun! Looking forward to sharing yours!

Olivia said...

Thanks, Patti. It would certainly be different to see some artwork here, wouldn't it? It's been a long time. Thanks for your support! xoO

Anonymous said...

Oh, that describes me so well...mildly creative. I love it! I love that there's no pressure to be really, truly creative (like those other people we know).

Olivia said...

Kelly, I think you would enjoy Ken's blog and writings. He's great. I like the "mildly" because it eliminates striving and force. Peace, and love, O

Kate said...


Wow such creative goodness is gong to be happening in your life. I just added some new challenges at the sight. Soon I hope for more fun stuff... Thanks for supporting me.


Olivia said...

Kate, yes, I knew that, and I'm excited. You are going at a good pace for me--as is obvious, I can barely keep up. I hope to deal with this in 2011, to be able to enjoy art more and have it be less pressured and less like work or "one more thing to do". I know that most people don't experience their art this way, so I am hoping that I can also. Thanks for your example, xoO

laundrygirl said...

I've been working on a book for the sketchbook project. I have to complete it by next week so I have been pretty busy making art. I think the hardest is rule #5 - get out of the way! It almost feels like I am learning a lesson as I attempt to simply sketch without censoring myself!

Olivia said...

Kristine, it's good to know that the "pro's" have the same problems that people like me do. That is so hard for me to get out of the way as well. An important life lesson! Peace and love to you, Kristine, xoO