Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sacred Life Sunday: Epiphany

This is the first Sunday of the New Year. "Epiphany" doesn't refer to the fact that I've had yet another aha moment, but to a time in the church year when Jesus came to earth and to the mystery of His incarnation. In the West we celebrate it with the story of the three wise men bringing gifts.

I truly love how my church has a liturgical calendar that goes right along with the seasons. Stories are celebrated over and over again on a schedule with a rhythmn to them that is coordinated with all the things that nature is doing at the same time. Cyclical ways of measuring time are fascinating to me. They are repeated yet they are never the same.

I wish each of you a blessed day.

Tomorrow I am going to blog about some creative projects for the year. Today I am actually going to get started with them. I really and truly am. I  am committing myself here so I actually DO it instead of put it off for more mundane tasks. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Well, I got the wrong date for "Epiphany" :) It is coming up this Sunday in the official liturgical calender. This means I get to celebrate it twice! Whoo hoo!


laundrygirl said...

blessings to you too

Olivia said...

Thank you my dear Kristine! xoO

CrystalChick said...

I've got to get my creativity up and running again too. One of the gifts I received from hubby for Christmas was a new craft tent! I have one show booked for the Spring already and will be looking into some other ones.
Looking forward to hearing about your creative projects!

Olivia said...

Yay, what a good time to do so, Mary. I'll blog about mine today. I wish you the best with your show and maybe shows! Peace and love, O