Thursday, February 25, 2010

Odds and Ends

I have much to share, and it's all miscellany:
  1. I'm really enjoying abstaining from criticism for Lent. I'm not sure how great of a job I'm doing, but I'm certainly focusing mindful attention on it. Lori-Lyn is joining me in this endeavor. The weakest link is the marriage one--LoveHubbie--isn't this always the case?
  2. I'm enjoying a primal/paleo/low-carb diet. Enjoying really isn't the best word. Better: I'm enjoying taking care of my health and dealing with the anticipated results from withdrawal from heavily refined carbohydrates. 
  3. I'm watching the day of my vacation creep closer and closer as I try to get ready. I'm afraid there is no getting ready; more, just a letting go and leaving. 
  4. My book is done with the initial edit and I am waiting for the edited manuscript to arrive in the mail. Then I will work in a wild and crazy fashion to furiously come up with a revised draft to take with me to Maui. I've decided that I won't work on it during my vacation (Big Decision). I'll do the networking for it, meet my amazing editor, a and hunt for a publisher, but I'm NOT taking my laptop with me to Maui. My vacation has always been a time of visioning for the next six months, and I'm really needing that right now.  It's hard to keep this boundary. I'm apparently not serious if I don't take my laptop. I am actually very serious and need this time to be disconnected from routine. 
  5. For fun and relaxation, please join me in watching the Puppy Cam!
PS Beware, as the Puppy Cam is addictive!


groovysabrina said...

Good for you, Olivia! I always admire your mindfulness and your commitment to constantly improving upon yourself...your ideas, your actions, your diet...You work hard in so many areas! You will reap the benefits.

Kim Mailhot said...

Good stuff, here, Olivia ! I think your idea to leave it all behind on your vacation is such a sound one.Your time in Hawaii always seems to be magical and a time to just BE...that probably gives you more strength than you know.
Here's to fun and relaxation wherever we can get it !

Rick Hamrick said...

O, I wish for you the magical release of all shoulds, oughttas, and gottas when you get on that airplane.

For you to be able to just breathe, just be, envelop yourself in Home...that's what I see in your near future.

Jane said...

So many wonderful things going on! I'm so happy for you. My step son is big on the Palio diet.

Kate said...

Love that puppy cam. Great project that you and Lori-Lyn are doing so admirable. So its back to Hawaii oh you are so lucky. What a place for renewal.

laundrygirl said...

Sounds like lots of goodness in your life right now!
I'm excited for you!
Happy Friday!