Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The One Thing, The One Word

Today Oriah Mountain Dreamer had a wonderful quote related to imperfectioN on her Facebook page. It also dovetails with our themes--our words for 2012--this year. This is from one of her many great books, called "The Call":

"The call is about the finding the one thing you came here to say and saying it a thousand different ways- in your words, your actions, your choices- so you and the world can really hear it. It’s about finding the end of the one thread that glows luminescent for you and following it faithfully to the time and place- here and now- where you can weave it into the fabric of your life and so offer it to the world. It’s not about getting it right, not about living your word perfectly. It’s about coming into life-long relationship with the one word you long to know, the one word that seems at times to come so easily to others and yet has eluded you for most of your life. Out of our willingness to learn from our weakness, we develop a strength we can offer to others." ~ Oriah (c) 2003 from The Call

~Photo by Me of the field off our driveway one day long, long ago when the sun was shining


kate i said...

I LOVE Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Her writing speaks to my heart in a very special way.

I love this especially..."It's about finding the end of the one thread that glows luminescent for you". That conjures up such a profound and compelling image for me...and I just may have seen a thread or two glowing around me recently!

And I have also seen green leaves emerging from bare branches in the past few days and we have cherry blossoms beginning to flower as well...small signs for sure, but signs of new growth that are making me want to jump up and down with excitement!

laundrygirl said...

This is good. I need to write it down and take some time to think about it...

patti said...

Have not heard of this lady and I love what she is saying! I'm copying it down to digest also! Thanks O!

Anonymous said...

Though your LoveHubbie is a wonderful photographer, I like it when you post photos you took. This one is beautiful.

Olivia said...

kate, I'm so glad you love her too. I thought I was limited by her books, but following her FB page is so exciting because it's a wealth of information and inspiration and beauty virtually every day, sometimes even more often. I am glad you are anticipating the spring; it's still pretty darn wintery here lately, but do I ever love the light being later!

Patti and Kristine--yes, this really has to be digested, doesn't it?

Kelly, thanks...I have such a glorious place to work with! I wish LoveHubbie would take more, have been asking him for the last year, but he's not done so as yet. I still hope :)

Love to you all, xoO