Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Summoning Up My Dream

In the last two days, a theme has repeated in my life and I've had an epiphany: I've been afraid to dream dreams--life dreams, hopes, visions--for a long time, maybe since I was a young woman. So I just stopped dreaming. I've been afraid to believe.

Then on Monday, Kate's birthday, Kate launched a giveaway for her new Safe Harbor Creativity Coaching practice. It's a huge giveaway of a month of coaching with her, and she is offering some cool specials as well. I was excited to enter. Part of the entry was to leave a comment about your creative dream, which also might be what you'd like to be coached about. I really had to think on that. I have problems and issues and am very aware of what they are--that's what I work on in therapy. But dreams--creative dreams? How long has it been since I've given myself permission to have those?

So I summoned up a dream and entered Kate's contest. I wasn't sure if it fit or not. I was surprised that I could come up with one and write it in the comment.

Then on Tuesday I was reviewing a new book by Danielle LaPorte from It hasn't come out yet (I'm reviewing an advance copy), but when it does this April, you should get it. It's called The Fire Starter Sessions. It is SO good! I was just in the introduction, and Danielle wrote about how important it is to commit to dreaming about your ideal life, to make it a regular life practice, refine it every day. I thought, "Whoa! What a difference from me? I had to think to even figure out what my dream might be! How could my life shift if I allowed myself to daily refine my dreams?"

The last tap from the Universe was Tuesday also when my therapist told me about a book she had been reading about the importance of rehearsing our dreams in our heads, suggesting that I may choose to do this. I knew for sure that this was a message I needed to incorporate into my life.

As if all of that wasn't enough, today, Wednesday, Cinner wrote a post about her dream. How our dreams can change morph as life changes us. I knew these messages were all for me.

Today I wrote my dream out. After sitting with its kernel from Kate's page for a couple of days, I expanded it a bit more and wrote:
My dream is to figure out a way to have the time, energy, and belief in myself to do the things I love as a creative career: art, writing, reading, and encouraging other people, probably as a life coach. (Note: I already am a certified life coach and have a master's degree as well, so this is a doable dream. The hardest part of this dream is the initial part!)

It took so much from me to admit this to myself. I haven't spent time dwelling on it or rehearsing it yet--more just allowing it, and letting myself dip my toe into the deep end of my imagination as I try it on for size.

What is your dream? Do you allow yourself to meditate on it daily?

Or are you already living your dream? I suspect that some of you are--I have seen this happen over and over in your lives. Please share.


patti said...

You are definitely being nudged to explore this question O!

I lived my dream of making a living from my art to a small degree, but found I missed people contact too much and didn't have the cash flow to support a small business.

So I dreamed of a life with lots of people in it, with cash flow. Happily, this has happened now, yet I have less energy to make art.

My dream now, is to find the balance and develop the time management skills to do both. It means I have to take better care of myself physically so that I have the energy to follow my dream.

Great post!

kate i said...

Olivia, I can identify with this...I put everyone else's dreams before my own for so long that I didn't have a clue what my own dreams were! When I finally dared to dream, I found I was afraid to follow through with them, in case I failed! Holy impossible set-up!

I finally realized that dreams don't have to be huge and seem impossible to attain so I started with the dream and the goal of living my life from a place of unshakable peace. That became my goal and my COMPLETE FOCUS for four years and I'm happy to say that I've reached that goal (98% of the time!).

And my dream now? I don't really know how to answer that because I feel so happy and satisfied with my life, although there are many things that aren't "perfect" but those things don't seem to matter anymore. I just have a feeling that things will start falling into place quite easily for me now. Mostly it's more travel and more energy and those things seem to be happening already.

Based on the nudges from the universe, I would say you're right on track and more than ready to let yourself dream and even more than know that you are capable and deserving of living your dreams. I feel very excited for you my friend!

Olivia said...


I really like your plan for creating energy. Congratulations on being part of the way towards your dream. When you integrate your art more into your full life, oh how wonderful that will be! There are so many varied paths towards making our dreams come true, aren't there? Yours seems so doable--I will be watching with anticipation! Wishing you much success in this, xoO

Olivia said...


I know what you mean about being unable to step out for fear of failure.

Dreams don't have to be huge! YAY! Does everyone hear that? They don't have to be something noble. They can be just moving more or breathing or taking time to relax.

"Living [your] life from a place of unshakeable peace" IS a noble goal though, and I am so impressed that you did it in 4 years, kate. (I know, of course you're not always there, but MOST of the time living FROM that!) I have been "trying" to do this my whole life, but I do think that the secret is FOCUS. Good for you!! Whoo hoo!

It sounds like you've done so much of the work already and that things are falling into place--you are living the life of your dreams, greatly. And even in that there is peace. And watching the other things fall into place is beautiful.

Thanks, kate. I have quite a ways to go but feel as though I'm on a very good road.

Wishing you success as you continue living from peace and being surprised by what pleasant things you gather as you go**, xoO

**I see you as walking down the road of life, living from peace, and at the same time, new and pleasant things presenting themselves to you for you to participate in and enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great discussion. I am so excited for you! In some ways I am already living my dream in that I am finally merged calling with career. But I still have small things I envision without yet realizing them. One is to take better care of myself physically, to treat my body better. I could realize this dream by doing something as simple as stretching each morning, walking more or swimming a couple of times per week. I have a LOT of resistance around this one. Another dream I have is to live in a house that I can love. I spend a lot of time trying to rationalize myself out of this one--houses are so much trouble, a scary amount of responsibility, etc. I tell myself I am being materialistic and pinning my happiness on something that doesn't need to be holding my happiness hostage. Nevertheless, the nesting instinct is embedded very deeply in me and I can't seem to stop yearning for a charming old house. So that is an area where I sort of have a dream, but I have not yet given myself permission to really want it and go for it full throttle.

Kate said...

Wow such a powerful post. So happy that a kernel from me started you on this discussion. I am sure it will be continual The book by Danielle LaPorte sound wonderful. I believe your dream is very do able. With small steps you will gain the confidence to pursue this.



musemother said...

dear Olivia, I just found a comment you made on a blog of mine, came here and saw your blog on dreams. Serendpitous indeed. I am beginning to live out my dream - I don't remember when I began to dream of having a publishing press called little red bird, but this year I started it, and have published two books of my one, and one that I'm looking at of a woman's memoir - so it's all very exciting. The Tao of Turning Fifty came out in February (six months later than I thought), and now I am sending out review copies, etc. It's so much fun I just get giddy with happiness that finally I can put my energy into MY projects. So I highly encourage you to keep writing down your dream...Dream big and take small steps as Sark says.

Olivia said...


I have seen your career journey and have been so excited to have been able to watch you merging your calling with your career.

The resistance around body care will be interesting to explore and perhaps when you are ready, to overcome.

Your dream of nesting in a charming old house is very interesting also. I am wondering how seeing my house and talking things over with me about this may affect your dream. It will be interesting too because I have lately been wanting to be less of a nester, less having my identity grounded in a physical location and more open to being body-centered...this is hard to put into words. I don't mean that you can't be grounded in your body and still's something different: how much you take your identity FROM your nest, how much you need a nest/base to be who you are. Maybe this isn't what you're meaning Kelly--and I'm not sure exactly what I mean here. (This sounds like a good topic for conversation!)

Peace and love to you, Kelly, xoO

Olivia said...


I know! Your giveaway started all of this :) YAY! I so highly recommend The Fire Starter Sessions when it comes out. It will be a book I refer back to again and again. Danielle LaPorte is so refreshingly honest. It's weird because now that I'm done with the book, I sort of miss "spending time with her" each day in reading, and I'm so glad she has a blog...

Blessings and love, xoO

Jane said...

Hi Olivia!

It's been such a long time since I've been here. I'm sorry. Life has been a bit crazy for me these days but I am slowly crawling out from the heaviness.

Your dream sounds so much like my own. I think our souls know what our dreams are but too much of the external chatter drowns it out and we tell ourselves that we don't know what the dreams are. But we do.

Here's sending out my intention to the universe that our external chatter dies down so that we can hear the inner voice loud and clear!


~Karen C.L. Anderson~ said...

Olivia, I can very much relate to that feeling of being afraid to have a dream, or of not really knowing what my dream might be. I knew that it involved writing, but I was trying to fit myself into other people's versions of what writing meant...I wrote for others, not for myself. Although I have written professionally pretty much my entire adult life, it has taken me several years to come into my own, so to speak. One thing I very much believe is that what comes easily to you is valuable to others. And so when I write easily and from my heart, in my own style, it is valuable to others. Sure, I may have to edit a bit, but it's not "hard" writing.

Olivia said...

Karen, Thank you for sharing this. I will be alert to this in my own life. I'm glad you can relate. Thanks for commenting, xoO

Olivia said...

Jane, It's good to see you here again; I know you've been moving and had a death in the family. Peace be with you, xoO

Anonymous said...

Great and refreshing article! Focus on what does work in your life, what does make you happy, what inspires you and you will keep your dreams coming true.

Olivia said...

Thank you so much!