Friday, January 20, 2012


Special thank you to Bobbi Illing who found this at Quan Yin's Facebook Site with the caption: 

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky."
~Buddha ~♥~


Angie D in Ohio said...

I saw this same photo the other day and was just wowed by the little girl's expression and that camel's face.

Love it!

kate i said...

I love the quote and it's one I've been living by for the past year. And that face...oh my gosh, that face is just the best healing medicine!

I wonder if that little girl has any idea of how much effect her exhuberant joy has had on the world. This photograph epitomizes to me how a simple smile has ripple effects that are projected around the world, from person to person, and all the while we're completely unaware that a smile that we've long since forgotten is still rippling (and healing) on. Thank you Olivia for sharing the joy!

laundrygirl said...

This made me smile!

Kim Mailhot said...

One of my favorite quotes every ! And this picture brings me joy from head to toe !
May you feel some of this this weekend, Beautiful Olivia !

Olivia said...


Yes, I do think it has gone viral. I mainly kept this because I wanted it always to be a part of my blog. This is the way I want to approach life!

Peace and joy and glee, xoO

Olivia said...


I so agree that her face is healing medicine. I'm glad that this is your quote, and how great! I wonder indeed if this girl does know. We all affect each're welcome kate, and joy to you today, xoO

Olivia said...

Kristine, I'm so glad! xoO

Olivia said...


You too (along with kate i)...I'm not sure I ever had heard it before either. I want to remember to feel this, even when things are so darn imperfect :) Thank you, Kim, xoO