Saturday, January 14, 2012

What Has Sprung Free

This post was prompted by what Kelly asked me in a comment, "What has sprung free in you?" She wrote this because I am writing many more posts this year than I have in a great while.

I think it's my word of the year for 2012, "ImperfEction". I am willing to be just as I am. My posts might be poorly written or well written, interesting or not, etc. and I have let go of all of that. I'm willing to just do the best I can.

Also, sometimes when I have read your comments in the past, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of love and support you offer me. At times it is hard to think of an adequate response. Nothing I could write would seem to be enough for what you wrote. I have let go of that. I'll reply imperfectly, but receive what you offer and send love back to the best of my ability.

Something else I've let go of is who my audience is. In the past I've felt uncomfortable with being vulnerable to some of the people who read my blog. I have an upcoming post about them called "Enemies"--something not often written about here or in the blogs I read. My regular community is the most loving and supportive and I've decided to just be vulnerable anyway, and let the others do what they do (since they will anyway). I don't want to lose the closeness I value with each of you.

Lastly, I've thought about what I would regret if I were to die or say, if the world ends in 2012 :) I think that this is a useful exercise for anyone to do in order to prioritize their lives and to make good decisions. I would deeply regret holding back from the connections I value so much here.

So in 2012 I decided to GO FOR IT :)


Below is a painting that hangs on my wall in the nook where I work. I purchased it years ago and it's by an unknown artist (I can't read her/his name in the signature). It is a poem called "I Am Enough". I have posted this before, and it's worth posting again here for today:

UPDATE: I found out who created this: the artist's name is Kristen Jongen and her web site is Soul Soup! Her art work is wonderful and so are her books, so glad to finally "find" her!


kikipotamus said...

YES!!! :)

Kate said...

Loved seeing this.

kate i said...

Yes, yes, yes Olivia! What I see in this painting is a plant that is deeply rooted for support and has now reached up to the surface to become a beautiful purple blossom. It has sprung free! (and such "imperfectly" wonderful words.)

patti said...

This poems wisdom gives me a peaceful easy feeling!

Olivia said...

Oh thank you so much, my lady-friends...I appreciate so much your observations and support. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year of continuing to spring free imperFectly :) Love to each of you, xoO

Jane said...

I love your new sense of freedom. The painting is awesome too!

Olivia said...

Thanks, Jane. I'm glad you're back, and I'm excited to think it might be for a while :) I've enjoyed reading your blog and hope you love your new house--I know you've dreamt about it for some time. Love, xoO