Monday, January 9, 2012

Word of the Year Box

I just received my word of the year box for 2012 from the Queen of Arts and it is wonderful! For those of you who don't have one yet, you can get yours here. They are inexpensive enough that everyone can afford one.

PS Mine came with a special gift, and in gratitude I'm sending a special shout-out to The Queen--thank you Kim!

~Photo by Me, and this was the best I could do (imperfectly). Wish I could do justice to this pretty little box, but alas! the glare :(


kate i said...

What a lovely keepsake/reminder for 2012 Olivia!

Olivia said...

Isn't it great, kate? I love how we have established this tradition...see how it has grown...and this is perfect to commemorate it. Peace and love to you tonight, kate! xoO

Jessie said...

I just bought one. Inspired by you! :)

Olivia said...

I am so glad, Jessie. I'm wondering what your word is??? Looking forward to reading your business blog, and even more wishing for personal news :) Thinking of you, always, xoO