Monday, July 5, 2010

Maui Giveaway Winner

Well, here at last I have a winner in the Maui Giveaway--Patti Bourne of bliss fruit in Australia! Congratulations on your win! Please send me your address, Patti. I am so happy to be able to give these lovely earrings to you. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Thank everyone for your support and loyalty as I continue to work towards being a regular blogger again. You all are what makes blogging worthwhile for me.

I love all of you!


kikipotamus said...

Oh, congratulations to Patti! That is one of her best colours! I'm sure glad you are coming back to our little community, Olivia. We miss you when we don't hear from you.

patti said...

I'm so excited O - thankyou, thankyou so much!!! Pieces of Maui sky to dangle from my earlobes!! (I'll email you asap with details). So lovely to have you back blogging again!

Seeking Simplicity said...

Congrats Patti.... what a special day!

Hello Olvia!!!!

Olivia said...

I am excited for you, too, Patti and I hope you love them. Yes, EB (Seeking Simplicity), we can celebrate :)

Believe it or not, Patti, they were sent out yesterday!