Monday, May 3, 2010

Giveaway from Maui

Yes, I am behind...but I hope today you won't care. I am giving away a lovely pair of silver Peruvian opal earrings* made by Cathy U'u of Kachi Jewelry of Maui. The earrings were handmade on Maui by Cathy herself. I bought these in March with the intention of them being a gift for my loyal blog readers (this is YOU); most of my readers are female, but the ones who are male would I'm sure love to win them to give to a special female in their life.

This giveaway is of substantial value, so I would like to give the to anyone who has ever left a comment on my blog before today. If that is you, leave another comment of any length below, and I will choose a winner sometime in May (I'm not sure when yet so enter today!). I'll close the contest when I get a good amount of my regular readers on board.

In case it's hard to tell from the picture, they are for pierced ears. They look like they might be heavy but they are not; they are very light! They remind me of the ocean and of the Maui sky.

~somewhat lame picture taken by Me of earrings with gift bag on my tv tray 

*NOTE: Ang says that Peruvian opals are reported as "helping to quiet the mind, ease stress and to help ideas flow freely".


Gypsy with a Camera said...

I believe I have in the past. those are lovely! :)

Seeking Simplicity said...

Olivia.... what a kind and generous gift... and opals are so beautiful and Peruvian opals is reported for helping to quiet the mind, ease stress and to help ideas flow freely.

What a lovely giveaway Olivia. Hope your week is filled with love and joy....we're giving you a big internet hug.


patti said...

Maui Sky - (sigh!!) how beautiful!

Such a generous giveaway O. Thanks for the opportunity.

Kate said...

What a beautiful gift Olivia, you are always so generous. To have a gift from you would be a beautiful treasure. Thanks so much for all the kind comments lately. They mean so much.


Anonymous said...

Oh my - I would LOVE to have those earrings! And something that helps quiet the mind and ease stress? Sounds EXACTLY like what I could use!


Melita said...

wow, those are darling! such an awesome giveaway too! hugs!!

kate i said...

What a beautiful and generous gift Olivia! I can't believe you're apologizing for the photograph - I was admiring the lovely, soft turquoise tones...I really love it!

groovysabrina said...

lovely earrings! what a sweet idea!

Rick Hamrick said...

I'm in, O!

CrystalChick said...

Very lovely! As a jewelry designer myself I can appreciate the work that others do.
Strangely, I cannot wear earrings personally. I've tried different metals and even clips but my ears react badly.
I would love to be included for the drawing. Should I win them, I'll be most happy to give them to a good friend.

Angela said...

Those are gorgeous, Olivia. Count me in. You're looking beautiful!