Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alegria Shoes Nurture My Feet

Alegria Shoes have recently come into my life and changed it greatly. As many of you know, I have significant foot pain all the time. I bought my first pair of Alegria's a few weeks ago, and you wouldn't believe how comfortable they are. They have minimized my foot pain so that I can walk much farther. Plus, having to wear mostly orthopedic shoes, it's so nice to have shoes that are so pretty for a change--they call it "color therapy". For many years I've not been able to wear regular shoes and have settled for nice Dansko's that are too narrow and too tight (because my orthotics took up so much room). My Alegria's go with a lot and are practical, yet they are not plain and boring. Now that I know how great they are, I plan to venture out with future pairs into some of the more fun patterns.

I know that both Lori-Lyn (who likes Dansko's and is right now walking all over England) and Kelly Kikipotamus (who I likes Naots and others and is good to her feet) both like to wear sort of funky shoes like me, so I know you two will appreciate these especially. But everyone else too--consider them--this is a different kind of shoe company!

Alegria Shoes is a fairly new company that has had great success especially in the medical market (with doctors and nurses who are on their feet a lot) and--can you believe this--their average customer owns 8 to 11 pairs! I have 3 4 5 pairs so far. I had to force myself to be honest. Thank goodness LoveHubbie never reads my blog :) But what kind of shoe company has average customers owning so many shoes?

Alegria Shoes are mostly nicer shoes that you can comfortably walk in plus wear to almost anything nice. I wouldn't recommend them for hiking or activities like tennis or anything you'd do that was extremely aerobic or on uneven ground. They are great for office work, long walks in the city, long walks in the country that isn't hiking, formal occasions (at least I would wear them with a gown), and just around the house.

Alegrias accommodate a wide foot and are sized a bit large. They are roomy so that you can wiggle your toes in them. They are pretty expensive ($59.99 on sale to $100+ retail---but who pays that?), but a screaming deal for what you're getting. Good shoes aren't cheap. Their footbed molds to your foot, but can be removed and then does accommodate orthotics. They are quality through and through, every little detail.

You can get them from many places online, including Alegria Shoe Shop--they are currently having a sale on many closeouts for $59. There is a list of several online retailers here at their main web site under "Preferred Partners".  I always shop around. Order two pairs first if you're not sure what size you are, and return the one that doesn't fit (this is what I did as most online retailers offer free shipping and free returns). I am a 9.5W and fit a European 40 perfectly. I tried both a 39 and a 40 to be sure to get the correct size. Alegria's are also on ebay, but I have found the best deals at other places. You have to buy them new, because the footbed molds to your foot.

Here are some Alegria pictures (these are the shoes I have):

I adore my Alegria's!


patti said...

They are cool & funky looking shoes O and if they allow you to be able to walk better - fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are being good to your feet. That also means being good to your back! Except for the tall, boat-like soles, these remind me a bit of Naots. I don't think $100 is a lot for a good shoe. I finally came to terms with the fact that I will have to spend that much for quality. I've had one pair of Naots for ten years now, so that's only $10 a year. People who buy $10 shoes at the discount store but have to throw them out after one year are spending the same amount.

Olivia said...

Patti, they do--I wore my Dansko's tonight (which are great shoes but fit me too tightly) and now have terrible foot pain. I think it was worse than I remember and I have acclimated so much to the Alegria's :)

Kelly, I agree with you about the price. And when you factor in foot problems, good shoes are even cheaper yet. The tallness and the boat-like-ness are two things that took some getting used to. I like the tallness because it makes the shoes dressier. I like the boat-like-ness because they are very lite and minimize strikes to the bottom of my foot. I can easily do the glide-walking I learned in the Gokhale Method seminar I took. Alegria makes shoes with a much lower footbed but I am so in love with these. I think I'd have to try them in a store to see if I could tolerate them as well.

I do think they are allowing my foot to heal and for the inflammation to be minimized, plus because I'm sort of gripping the footbed, I think my feet are getting stronger!

Love to you both,


Angela said...

These look incredible, Olivia - thank you for recommending them. Since returning to work where I am on my feet for 8 hours, I've developed plantar fasciitis and it hurts like hell! Ouch.

Olivia said...

Kelly is right about the cost, Angela--they are great. You're not so much paying for style with these than as for food health. I hope you'll consider them. And I hope your feet feel better too. Foot pain is no fun! xoO

Suzie Ridler said...

They look amazing Olivia! Next time in Toronto I will look them up, they're the only place that sells them in Canada, which is insane! I should be used to that by now. It's nice to have hope that I can have fabulous footware one day, thanks Olivia. :)

Raúl M said...

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