Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Receiving Fully

This post was inspired by Elena, who created Wellness Wednesday, and who blogged about this very topic today. Her post also was titled "Receiving Fully". This is such a provocative topic, and her post explores it using examples from her time at a spot dear to my heart---the Maui upcountry.

How hard is it to receive---fully? I'm not sure what this even means in my life, because whenever I receive, I immediately feel as though I now owe the giver and want to pay them back. I know that they do not feel this way, and that it's just me. Another thing I try to do that is related is to try to then earn gifts after they are given. Even more often, I try to sabotage what I have been given because of a feeling of undeservedness that is irrational, but there nevertheless. I want to learn to relax into what God, friends, family, the Universe provides for me and accept, receive, relax---fully.

I look forward to many opportunities to learn do this.


Kim Mailhot said...

learning that we really deserve it is the key, I think, Olivia. And you do !
Here's to relaxing into it...;)

Elena Rego said...

I think Kim is on to something there. Its about our notions of whether or not we deserve so much... Worthiness perhaps, or lack of worthiness. So insidious and belittling. We must shed this... we must we must we must.

Aloha love!

Olivia said...

Thanks, my queen, you're absolutely right. I am truly taking baby steps in that direction, away from guilt and undeservedness. Peace and abundance, O

Olivia said...

I agree Elena. If we do not shed it, we just keep holding ourselves off from blessings that we cannot even envision. Your post described it in a way that I TRULY got it. I would have reacted just the way you did...and an offer like that would be my heart's desire. Thank you for your post, and your comment, and of course---for Wellness Wednesdays!

and Maui no ka oi,