Saturday, June 13, 2009

Six Things That Make Me Happy Today

I was delighted to receive the One Lovely Blog Award from Lori-Lyn this morning! So six things that are making me happy right now are:

1. Having a really long Quiet Time today, reading, thinking, contemplating, all in my pj's well into the afternoon. This is real luxury.

2. The sun shining and no responsibilities today.

3. A spontaneous invitation from our neighbors to have dinner with them around their firepit. This will involve barbecuing and wild salmon and great conversation. We will bring fresh greens harvested from our garden on the way over.

4. Good rest and long sleep last night.

5. Anticipating another quiet day tomorrow.

6. Kelly Kikipotamus the Hobo's Grace in Small Things lists that help me to observe and see the impact of the smallest things, which somehow are the most important.

And to pay it forward, 6 blogs that I'm finding especially lovely right now are:

Kikipotomus the Hobo

Hamquin's Hide-Not

Fumbling for Words

The Painted House and rocks, paper, scissors

Welcome to My Universe

Queen of Arts

And a special category for my friend Chani's lovely blog: Finding My Way Home

I am bestowing the One Lovely Blog Award upon each of you! And thank you so much, Lori-Lyn!


patti said...

I can feel the peace emanating from you these days Olivia. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing!

Thanks for the award - I am blessed - my second one today!

Olivia said...

Thanks so much, Patti! I appreciate the encouragement and support. See---you indeed have a lovely, lovely blog! xo, O

Heather Plett said...

Thanks for the award! You deserve it right back at ya!

Olivia said...

Thanks Heather---YAY! You know, you really do make the BEST videos...I hope you do more. They are creative and moving. xo, O

Kim Mailhot said...

Thank you so much, Olivia, for the award and for the Blogland love. It feels so good to receive and to give, doesn't it ?
Blogland is LOvely !!!

Olivia said...

You're welcome, Kim! I don't know how you manage to post such visually rich and inspirational and authentic posts so often---filled with beautiful art, my Queen, but you deserve it for your efforts. I love your blog and look to it for inspiration, friendship, and love! Thank YOU, O