Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: 1 Cor 13 In the Garden

Still having typing trouble, sending many thanks and love for all the love YOU are sending me via your comments on the last post, and your emails. Here is a video instead of writing for today, SLS. I am wishing you a wonderful and sacred Sunday. It is 9:15 long:

~Movie by LoveHubbie Mark and Music by Kevin MacLeod, edited and assembled by ME


Rick Hamrick said...

What a stunningly beautiful garden! Not to mention, a great healing space for someone who might choose to spend time absorbing the energy of all this vibrant life.

Maybe such a person is in the vicinity of this garden, someone who could benefit a great deal from it.

Who knows? [grin]

Great job, Mark and Olivia!

thailandchani said...

Beautiful! The dahlias are stunning. What a nice way to spend ten minutes on Sunday morning. :) Thanks!


laundrygirl said...

Wow! I'm speechless. You are surrounded by such beauty!

Patti said...

I read Corinthians Olivia. Love :) It's all so simple really. A most beautiful garden filled with colour. Thank you.