Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maui 2007 Photos of Family

Ok, so here are some of my Maui 2007 photos. I'll be blogging the pictures in three parts. This is part one. I'm saving the best for last :) These are all from our first week of vacation. They are all taken by Hubbie Mark or me.

The family in these photos are Hubbie, my best friend of 32 years Patty (who is really a sister to me), and my stepdaughter Brianne. I am the 50-year-old blonde birthday gal with the glasses.

Below is where we stayed. It has a most important feature---a balcony with a view of the ocean---so that in the mornings I can have looooong quiet times, plus read and write at other times during the day.

Long walks on the beach:

Time at the spa for pedicures and massages and steam baths and saunas:

Parasailing (something I'm glad I did once but will not do again):

Yes, this is me going down the water slide!

Below is the Dragon's Teeth Labyrinth, my favorite labyrinth. We had a special "50th Birthday" stone ceremony there. I gave each person several glass stones with special writing on them that signified what I wished for them for the future. I also gave myself several stones. It was sunset, and a very special time.


Scott said...

Olivia, I LOVE the pictures! It looks like this vacation was a magical time and you look great!

Olivia said...

It WAS truly magical, Scott. I'm glad to see you visiting, and thrilled to be able to share the pictures with you. You are in our hearts :)

Patti said...

These pictures are great - You look very much at home in Hawaii!