Thursday, May 10, 2012

[WLE#3] Staying Well While Traveling

This is another post in my Well Lifestyle Experiment (WLE).

I am going on a trip this week and want to write this to share with you what I'm going to do to stay well and have a sense of supportive well-being while I'm gone.

One is taking along healthy foods. I am going to Dallas, where of course there is healthy food, but my focus is going to be on LoveHubbie's family and not on hunting down healthy foods. And of course I'll be on a plane, so you know what's available there. Here is some of what I'm taking:

Below: These Funky Monkey snacks are really cool organic dried fruits for those hypoglycemia emergencies (LoveHubbie is diabetic and I'm pre-diabetic):

Below: These Tanka Bars are made from buffalo's that are cared for by Native Americans in a proper way. They are a tasty healthy clean meat!

Below: These Organic Food Bars are mostly raw and gluten-free. They are made with superfoods as well.

Below: Some raw nuts that I have spouted, dehydrated, and bagged. I really like sprouting and dehydrating things, in general.

I forgot to take a picture (other than the large spread) of Steve's Paleo Kits. I am new to these and am taking them because I expect most of my meals to be on my own as opposed to in restaurants. I often get migraines while traveling in Texas so having foods without chemicals, preservatives, and most importantly---MSG---will be important to being able to enjoy the trip.

Another way of staying well is having ways of reminding myself of who I am. This is always necessary for me when I'm around people who either don't know me or who don't see me as I am. I always have an early morning quiet time to connect with my Higher Power and to remind me of what I hold to be true and value. Then in addition, I try to have phone contact with people I am close to as well, if I can. And literature that grounds me. Jewelry that reminds me of a central value or concept or of my theme for the visit. Here is some jewelry I'm taking with me:

Yet another way of staying well is having alone time. If I am in a hotel, I can do that easily. Otherwise, if I'm with family and friends, I get up earlier and have a quiet time first thing. It fuels me for the rest of the day. Also, if I need time alone during the day, I take it, even if it has to be in the bathroom or in the car alone. For introverts, having alone time is crucial--it definitely is so for me. 

Lastly, I ramp up my regular fasterEFT practice. fasterEFT is a type of acupressure work that involves tapping on certain meridians at the same time you are feeling strong feelings; it is a system that is a combination of regular EFT--Emotional Freedom Techniques, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and hypnosis. I used regular EFT as a life coach in the past and when I practice again I plan to use fasterEFT. In the meantime, it is a type of emotional processing I use that helps to ground me. 

How do you maintain a well lifestyle while traveling?


Angie D in Ohio said...

Yikes...I don't. I'm normally flying out the door, zipping my bag along the way. Thanks for sharing the food items. I've never heard of any of them and will look for them.

How was the graduation? Hard to believe May is here already.

Now that watch is pretty fantastic Olivia.... I love it.

Happy Monday! Safe journey home... love ya

Christine Eubanks said...

FasterEFT is a type of acupressure work that involves tapping on certain meridians at the same time you are feeling strong feelings; it is a system that is a combination of regular EFT--Emotional Freedom Techniques, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and hypnosis."

Yes, and it commonly used by individuals who are dealing with depression, stressed and other mental stressed.

Olivia said...

Oh, EB, I pack for days, leaving my suitcase out and adding, subtracting, trying to get the right mix in a small space. I love that watch too--it is the coolest thing and many people mention it. I got it on ebay! Love you too, xoO

Olivia said...

Hello, Christine, yes it is, and I can't wait until it is "commonly used"! More and more people are finding out about it, that's for sure. Thank you for your comment and for visiting the happyluau. Blessings, Olivia

CrystalChick said...

It certainly looks and sounds like you have a good plan for your travels.
Since we don't go away all that often I haven't had to do anything this specific, however, with being on a special diet now there will be things to consider if we go anywhere from now on.
I really like your jewelry selections. The first necklace is especially pretty!
Ah, EFT... haven't been doing it in awhile but feel like I need to add it back in.
Hope you're enjoying the trip!

patti said...

Travelling can be very challenging at times! I make endless lists before I go anywhere, and it is always tricky finding healthy food to eat when you're on the road. I love your sparkly things and your watch is very cool O!

Olivia said...


I'd forgotten (again) that you do EFT. It takes a very intentional, very deliberate practice for me to remember to do it. I actually have a stopwatch and time myself or I will drop it out. It is meditative and although I enjoy it, I will avoid going inside.

I'm back and did have a good trip!


Olivia said...

Thanks, Patti, I'm back and the food made a big difference in staying grounded and not burning out with the rigors of travel. Thanks, xoO

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is timely. I am planning a long road trip and had not really thought about packing good snacks. Thank you for this inspiration! I usually do NOT take good care of myself when on the road except for packing an energy bar for the plane. On a road trip, I end up at a fast food restaurant eating a burger or maybe a big salad with some chicken breast on top. Or I find a little diner in a small town, which can mean awesome homemade soup or it can mean a stomach upset from greasy fare. I vow to do better this time!

Olivia said...


This trip was a physical success--no migraines, and lots of good food. I supplemented what I brought with a trip to Whole Foods to put fresh veggies into the refrigerator as well. It really paid off in how grounded I felt.

I am thinking that you will enjoy packing foods for the trip too...they help you to stay on schedule with eating, not get hypoglycemic, and to always have something healthy nearby. Especially if you're stopping for birding in areas where there may not be abundant food choices...

It will be exciting to see how it all works out for you,