Friday, May 4, 2012

[WLE#1] Lessons from Kikipotamus: Eat Simply

This is the first post in my Well Lifestyle Experiment (WLE), and also the first lesson I learned from my visit with Kelly.

Eating simply.

So obvious, you might think.

But it really isn't. And at first, it isn't the easiest thing to do. I'm more accustomed to opening packages than I am to preparing things from scratch, more used to the microwave than the stove. My palate no longer craves raw foods and green foods. I am ready to embrace eating simply again.

Eating simply can mean avoiding processed food and preparing simple, loving meals at home. Each meal is an opportunity to show yourself love and to express love for others, too. The preparation can be a time of mediation and creativity.

So much love went into the meals that Kelly and I shared, not just the deliberately planned and prepared simple meals like this one pictured here, but even the meals that took almost no time at all. When served and enjoyed in a slow, peaceful, mindful way, a meal can be an opportunity to reinforce self-love and caring instead of a necessary chore, a distraction, a guilt-ridden indulgence, or any of the myriad of other things that a meal might be.

So today I ask myself, "How might I make my meals simpler?" and "How might I show myself (and those I eat with) caring and love with what I prepare to eat?"


Angie D in Ohio said...

Great post Olivia. And seeing your rice cooker on the counter just reminded me that I threw my old one away and never replaced it. And since I'm going to be eating brown rice in the future; I really need to pick one up this weekend.

I've been a creature of habit for 6 years. I eat a bagel sandwich with egg and cheese on it for my breakfast (Mon-Fri) washing it down with diet coke.

Starting tomorrow, I will be eating whole grain cereal, both hot or cold, along with almond milk.

I'm easing into a simpler eating plan, taking baby steps along the way. For me it's about having a plan and being organized. This weekend I will plan all my meals for next week so when I come home from work, tired and hungry, I know what I'll be eating and not just grabbing something. It's going to be about being mindful.

Happy Friday my dear friend!

kate i said...

I so agree with you on this Olivia...keep it simple, simple, simple. With my own digestive onions, no wheat, we have to make almost everything from scratch as those two ingredients are in EVERYTHING...every bottled dressing, every prepared sauce etc.

It's actually been a blessing in disguise as it's forced me to eat what I call "clean". I can still have tasty food but it takes a bit of thinking and planning as opposed to the mindless opening of the cupboard or fridge door and stuffing something in my mouth. At the time I thought my life was ending (lol) and in a way it was, but only the less healthy parts of my life.

patti said...

Yes simplicity in eating habits is the key! I do eat simply on my days off, but find that on work days I am too tired to put thought into my meals. This is something I need to improve upon, or put more planning into place!

I love a simple vegetarian stir fry with brown rice, it's so quick to prepare, so good for you and involves just one pan!

Kate said...

I agree t simplicity is the best.. I find that I fall back into old patters of making hose foods I always have made in the past. It's like a comfort thing. I also agree cooking from scratch is best but I often don't want to take the time. I need to work on changing that behavior.


CrystalChick said...

Simpler meals eaten slower and more peacefully certainly can't hurt. :)
As you know, I've had to make a few dietary changes. Even though I've always liked a certain amount of raw/green foods, some of them are no longer liking me. A food journal would be a good idea because there have been a couple of things I wasn't sure about until AFTER I ate them again.

My interest in cooking varies. There are times when I can easily do baking/cooking from scratch and other times we're out eating at restaurants. Obviously, I have to be more careful now with what's ordered out.
It's going to be a long process. I've had assorted tummy troubles for many years and have never really found a diet that worked completely. That I have to prepare food for my hubby and son, who don't want/need to necessarily eat the things I do, is challenging too. I don't always cook for my son now that he's older and on the go alot but he has some allergies that I have to keep in mind. When I made gluten-free blueberry muffins yesterday to accommodate my diet, he couldn't have any because the soy milk bothered him the last time he had it. One bowl of Cheerios with Silk and we were up half the night with him needing allergy meds and his inhaler. So I left a note on the pan that he should NOT eat them, but felt bad because I didn't feel up to preparing another batch made with ingredients he's okay with. And his girlfriend being allergic to all nuts and seeds ... oh my...

So, family meals can be hard with everyone into different things, but I will try!!

Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend, Olivia. xo

Olivia said...

EB, I'm glad you're on board and I hope that your day is going well with your new eating plan. Big changes are on their way!

kate i, yes, I call this "clean" eating too. I have a slight feeling of deprivation that sometimes increases to feeling as though I'm going to be left out of SO MUCH without gooey breads, pasta, pizza, but as you are are right. What I gain in health will be worth the loss of the less healthy parts. A blessing in disguise.

Patti, anything with brown rice, or even just brown rice with salt, pepper, and olive oil tastes so good to me. I often allow myself to wait to eat until I am too hungry and so do not put thought into my meals. So I find that having many "convenience" healthy foods around does help.

Kate, good to see you here as you're recovering from surgery! Me too with comfort foods...I am trying to get into a system of bulk cooking when I have the time and energy. For example, I oven baked a bunch of sweet potatoes for healthy carb energy and have them individually wrapped in the refrigerator. When I get those cravings I can pull one out.

Oh, Mary, we all have to be more careful about what we eat out, as we age I think, but also as more and more weird things are put into food. Cooking for others is a whole different challenge, isn't it? I admire you for taking it on!

Thank you everyone for sharing here!

Peace, joy, and simple eating wishes to all of you, in good health, xoO

Kim Mailhot said...

I am just begining a little bit of simple eating these days, mostly as a result of digestion problems and a lack of tolerance for anything dairy that has developed over the last year or so.
Right now, I am so into greens. If I don't have greens at a lunch time or dinner time meal, I feel like I have missed a treat ! This is very new but has developed after about three weeks of changing my eating habits to avoid too much fat and milk products.
Have to say, this is the first time that somehow the change feels like a gift for myself instead of a punishment or deprivation of some kind. Hoping it sticks !
Good luck with your changes for a happier, simplier way of eating, Lovely Olivia !

Olivia said...


I am glad that you're falling in love with greens. I've found that my intake of wheat has an inverse relation to my intake of greens...which surprised me. The more I eat greens, the more I WANT to eat greens, also. Anyway, I keep hearing this from so many people--dairy, or gluten, or something else--I wonder what is wrong with our food supply? I think that in the past when food was all real things were much easier.

Anyway, I'm wishing you many more green treats and healing of your digestive issues, Kim,


Anonymous said...

What fun memories come back to me when I look at this photo. I am thirsty for some of that kombucha tea I see in the pitcher on the counter.

Olivia said...

Yes, me too. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Kombucha. I love making it! xoO