Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sacred Life Sunday: The Challenge Everyone Wants to Have

It is indeed a challenge to receive the good that is brought your way (at least for me) with everything else that is going on in the world. A part of me wants to mourn and just stay mourning, in honor of:

(1) All of the people at Virginia Mason Hospital who didn't get "good news", unlike me,

(2) Everything happening in Japan right now,

(3) People suffering all over the world,

(4) A friend of mine who is currently suffering with depression,

(5) Another friend of mine who struggles with chronic health problems that have been treated but continue to persist,

(5) My best friend Chani who died a year ago today,

(6) The sex trafficking that continues, while IJM works hard to combat it (my stepdaughter is working in the Philippines as a missionary to combat this, and dealing with inconveniences, discomfort, and physical isolation from her family and friends),

(7) Bullies who seem to "win" even though they really don't while but the strife they create endures,

(8) The many people who don't have jobs,

(9) Etc.

It is tempting to think, "I don't believe it" or "There must be a catch" or "I don't deserve this" or "This happens to other people but not to me". I have thought all of these things in the last few days.

Still, it is important to me receive. Accept. The good, the bad. All of it. Today, I am struggling to let the good in. To celebrate. I know that it's the best challenge of all. It's the one everyone wants, and I want it too.

It is a Sacred Sunday. Today I am wishing you the grace to receive the good, despite all of the suffering in our world, and even in your life. I am wishing you peace, joy, and acceptance of all of it--and most of all, innumerable lessons in surmounting the challenge of receiving the good.


Seeking Simplicity said...

It's the first day of Spring. Spring brings hope, new life, warmth and love. The good is always there.... we just have to be ready to see it, to receive it.

Peace and Joy to you Olivia.... mega bigs hugs...


patti said...

Thank you for your good wishes O.

Receiving is the most important part of the equation. Thank you for your thoughts on this, it has helped me today.

Olivia said...

Thanks, EB and Patti. I wonder why we forget this...we have to be able and willing to receive--it is the most important part, yes! Thank you for your comments, ladies, and for adding to the discussion. I think that many of us probably grapple with this, and come to a way of receiving that honors suffering yet celebrates the gifts too. Peace and love to you both, xoO

laundrygirl said...

Embrace the good.
Life is full of pain and hardship but with the good comes hope. Rest in the fact that you have been blessed with good news despite the circumstances around you. There will be plenty of days for mourning but today is a day to celebrate!

Olivia said...

Ahhh, thank you Kristine. I am wishing you a day of creating and abundant blessing, xoO

Kim Mailhot said...

I love this post so much, Olivia, because it echoes what I have been striving to do in my own little piece of the world. I have even begun saying to myself when I let the little bad stuff get to me, "hey, this is not an earthquake, or a tsunami or a nuclear meltdown. Just deal with the details and focus on what is good. Get back to gratitude for this day that you have been gifted." It has helped me through a great deal.
Today, the sun came out. I can breathe deeply and well. I saw my beautiful Man whom I love so much this morning. So very many things to celebrate...
Love to you, Brave, wise One !

Olivia said...

My Queen,

I have said the same thing. THIS is not a problem; a TSUNAMI is a problem!

Thank you for sharing and commenting...the sun came out here today (the 23rd) too which is a quite rare event lately...a reminded to look for the good, the rays of hope.

Peace and love, and big love,

Jane said...

It is so good to embrace the blessings amidst all of the unfortunate things going on with people and the world.

Happy Saturday, Olivia!

Olivia said...

Yes, it is Jane; it's good to see you here and I wish you a happy Saturday as well! xoO