Thursday, March 3, 2011

Letting Go and Happiness

With a big weekend coming up, I am needing to have an emergency trip to the oral surgeon. What I thought was an aphthous ulcer is actually an infection all around my dental implants and possibly an abscess. It hurts to talk and can't chew at all.

We have company coming (a rare event at our house in the woods) and I am singing in a choir and as a cantor this weekend. I have two receptions to go to as well. Oh, yes, and I restarted my diet semi-fast just a couple of days ago. I'll tell you about those things later. At any rate, it's kind of bad timing here!

The only possible thing to do is to let go.

I am fortunate in that things seem to be working out. My dentist saw me as a walk-in when I was out doing errands and couldn't stand the pain anymore. He irrigated everything to remove some of the pressure from the infection. Then he himself called the oral surgeon so that I could get right in. The oral surgeon is unfortunately at his satellite office about 45 minutes south of here. However, my assistant is working with me today and able to drive with me there in case I need to have a big procedure done. It is alternating rain with hail and I am so glad it isn't snowing.

I initially felt hit by fear and anxiety when I was first told the news, but there is truly nothing to do but let go and trust that all will be well, one way or another.

Isn't that all we can ever do?

I am realizing that this can be a very spiritual day, filled with lessons and trust and love, despite all of these circumstances. And truly, every day can be this way.

Wishing you (and me too) a day of letting go, trusting, and accepting with gratitude whatever it is that comes to interrupt your plans today.


patti said...

I'm sure all will be well O. You seem to be in very good hands. Focus on your lovely week ahead - it must be wonderful to sing in a choir!

kate i said...

Ah yes, letting simple yet often the last thing we think of! Its sounds like you've done all you can do and now it will unfold. What a relief it is to let go.

Sending thoughts of a speedy healing to you and of joyful sounds with your choir!

laundrygirl said...

I hope everything works out ok and that the weekend is good.

Olivia said...

Thank you, Patti, kate, and Kristine. Right now I'm holding. I had some good news yesterday in that my dental implants are unaffected, but the pain is debilitating and the antibiotics have yet to kick in. I'm going to work to get painkillers today so that I can function this weekend. Thank you for visiting and your well-wishes, sending you love back, xoO

Kim Mailhot said...

Holding you in a bright light, Olivia. I so admire your letting go attitude.
Deep breaths and hugs !

Olivia said...

Thank you, My Queen. It is pretty easy when it is your only choice...thank you so much...I feel your Big Love! xoO

Anonymous said...

You are such a good Shambhala Warrior! My day also did not go as I originally planned, but I followed the same wisdom you did and accepted with gratitude the crazy twists and turns.

Olivia said...

Thanks, Kelly! So much of this kind of thing: How To Live Life As An Introvert--I learn from you! xoO

Jerri said...

Good thing the affected part around your implants was treated! I hope you can eat well since it was already fixed. Have a happy life and try to learn new things everyday!

Jerri Larimore