Thursday, November 4, 2010

News from OTV, HCG, fasterEFT

Welcome to another installment of OTV, including news about The Queen of Creativity's Castle--a new creative community!


patti said...

Nice to see OTV back again!

Good luck with your diet O. I hope it's the solution you are looking for.

Your property looks beautiful in the dappled light!

Olivia said...

Thanks, Patti :) Oh, my it is so beautiful here. We had another warm fall day--"glorious", as kate iredale says. Thanks for the well-wishes on the diet. I very quite conflicted, yet I think it will help my metabolism and I will be able to eat in a way that I truly believe, which is mindful eating of healthy whole foods--and for those of us with diabetes and pre-diabetes, low glycemic/low carb and no sugar.

I wasn't sure about returning to the OTV format, and I'm glad to hear you like it.

Blessings to you, Patti, Love, O

kikipotamus said...

I'm so glad you are going to keep us up to date. I love it when you share what is going on with you. xo K

Olivia said...

Thanks, K. I have to pry it out of me. You're my role model as you share so freely and eloquently about your goings on--thank you for the encouragement :) Love to you, O

kate i said...

Hello Olivia, so nice to "see" you again! I understand your desire to "get healthy" as I've been going through a similar thing as well. I finally acknowledged that I'm in fact, glucose intolerant...didn't want to give up all those comforting carbs...and aside from 2 weeks of detox symptoms, I feel so much better sans wheat and have finally begun to lose weight. I've also cut way back on sugars (which seem to go with the wheat products) and only have one spoonful of honey a day now. It's all worth it and if you can get through the first few weeks, I know you'll start to see results and feel better.

Good luck with your food plan!

Olivia said...

Thanks, kate :)

I highly recommend Shauna Ahern, the Gluten-Free Girl--her blog and book are wonderful and she is local to us.

Wouldn't it be something if much/all of your health challenges were due to gluten? Shauna's were, and she is so healthy now. I hope so.

I personally think that white sugar (and highly processed refined carbohydrates, which is the same thing) is toxic to most people, and if you can eat it and hold onto your health you are fortunate. It has ruined so many people's health. I believe that it is responsible for the episode of diabetes in this country as well. I think that anyone would feel better off of it.

Good for you, kate, for getting through your detox. There are so many resources now for people who want to eat gluten-free now. I think that gluten may be somewhat like sugar, in that some of us can tolerate it just fine, but that we are all better off without it.

I'll be thinking of you as we shed pounds and regain health.

Thanks for sharing this, kate.

laundrygirl said...

Just stopping in to say hi! It was fun to see you (at OTV) and hear about your life!

Kat said...

It does look sooo beautiful where you are. Wow. I have been to OR but never to WA.
Funny that we are on the same wavelength today re: calling this thing a detox or a fast.

Olivia said...

Thanks, Kristine. It's nice to know you were here. I feel that way often, that I want to comment and say something like you just wrote...usually I just lurk but it's extra nice to say hey! Peace, love, and lots of R&R and art to you, O

Olivia said...

Hi, Kat,

I know, and our weights are pretty similar too. Since you have children I have a feeling I'm older than you, but still...yes, people "get" detox and fast, but the HCG diet is so unusual and has such a bizarre but potentially accurate rationale behind it, that it's just easier to explain that way.

Today, it feels like a FAST!

Thanks for visiting and commenting,


Kate said...

Lovely to see your shining face again. I do love the
O-TV episodes. Good luck with the diet, I think that is the one some friends are on and they are doing really well..

Thanks so much for talking about my group. You are the best...


Olivia said...

Well, you're most welcome, My Queen. I'm so glad that you started your Castle. I know that you said that you're disappointed you're not devoting oodles of time to it, but I like it the way it is, and the pace is just fine for me. I know that it will grow in time, and having things small and finding my way around takes time, and it's good for me that it's not overwhelming. I'm looking forward to happy times in your Castle! xoO

Seeking Simplicity said...

Good Morning Sunshine!! Good to see OTV's return. I've missed it. And I certainly want to reset my metabolism... it's so wacky right now. So far no successful results with the radioactive iodine... and I'll have to be making a decision soon on whether to try that again... or just say goodbye to my thyroid permanently. But my... I've had some major weight gain these last 4 to 5 months... and I need to get that turned around.

Love the lessons from Brazil so far.. and I'm a paper fiend... will certainly make me stop and think before I grab for some paper product.

Take care...

Olivia said...

Good morning, EB, how nice to see you here! I"m sorry that the radioactive iodine didn't work, after all of that. I think that when we're going through different medical and hormonal things, it's so easy to gain weight. Some people lose weight, but I'm not one of those. I know how it feels to have major weight gain creep up on you--it's not there and then BAM! it is and you wonder where it came from.

This protocol is very strict, but at least it's working. Very slowly. Not multiple pounds per day, but for me, like any other weight loss tactic I've pursued, a little bit of weight each week. I'll take that, gladly. It's a lot of work and hunger for a small amount of weight loss, but at least it's loss instead of gain.

Yes, I still grab, but I think first and sometimes act differently. LoveHubbie doesn't like reusing paper plates, but I don't care as they can be washed often and are just as good...I am majorly reusing paper goods here.

Nice to see you, as always, EB. Thanks for your encouraging words.

Peace, love, and good health, O

CrystalChick said...
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CrystalChick said...

Sorry I deleted the comment, I missed part of a sentence and had to repost. LOL

I love OTV!!! I think it was what really grabbed me about your blog a good while back.

I have worked a little bit with EFT but would like to take a workshop sometime and get more involved.

I have been on assorted 'diets' over the years. One time, counting calories and riding a stationary exercise bike was the way I lost about 35 lbs. I gained it back probably with my second pregnancy. Another time I lost around 50 lbs. was by following a celiac diet (it was determined that I don't have the disease but I followed the diet for awhile before I knew for sure) and I made it low-fat as well so the combo seemed to work for me. But when I went off that diet I slowly gained all that weight back plus another 15ish? I'm now at the heaviest I've ever been, even when I was pregnant I wasn't this fat. Ack!!
A fast doesn't really interest me, I don't think that I could do it for different reasons, but I would like to get into juicing and making healthy smoothies. That's something I feel is a more reasonable goal for myself and way to loose some weight.

Olivia said...


I'm so glad you like OTV and I'm encouraged that you were first interested in my blog because of it. That's good feedback for me.

Yes, I think you need to be working with EFT with yourself or others or doing continuing education to really be effective with it. I listened to all the fasterEFT videos on YouTube and now am going through DVDs and books--whew! I am enjoying it, just lately needing to prioritize what I do because there is not time for everything.

I think that ultimately the key to weight loss is to find a healthy way of eating that works for you and then follow it the rest of your life. This doesn't allow for metabolism fixes, which I believe is my problem and hopefully this semi-fast will do it. I've heard it also described as a "detox". In theory, the homeopathic hcg drops force the body to use your own fat for fuel so you are not truly fasting...

I know that because of hypogylcemia I normally cannot fast nor even be on a low calorie diet. I couldn't do Weight Watchers because I was starving and sick all the time. So the drops must be doing something...we'll see.

I think that juicing and smoothies sound very healthy and fun...they can be incorporated with little changes too.

Probably your metabolism is healthy...

I've not been successful in losing weight in the last 30 or so years by doing anything but (hopefully this) and eating raw foods. That always works so well for me. I was totally raw for almost 4 months and felt incredible. I couldn't sustain it though, and as soon as I began to eat cooked food again, I not only gained weight, but I found I had developed digestive problems.

Thank you for sharing, Mary, and have a great weekend. Peace, xoO

Carmen said...

oh oh oh i love OTV!!!!
i am signing right now for Kate's castle, thank you for letting me know about her and that book you mentioned previously sounds good

Olivia said...

I'm so glad, Carmen! I will see you at The Queen's Castle :) xoO