Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, Monday: LoveHubbie at Play

For some reasons, I always feel wiped out on Mondays, and today is no exception. In case you feel the same way, here are two funny videos of LoveHubbie, taken and snipped from hours of videotapes of his visit with our son D last month. They're short; this first one is only 43 seconds, and the second just over a minute. I hope you enjoy them!

The audio in this first video is especially interesting as you can hear LoveHubbie desperately trying to hold on:

The audio in this second video should be turned down as it gets pretty loud towards the end.


kikipotamus said...

Play is good. We all need to play more, no?

Olivia said...

I agree, Kelly, especially the two of us. We both have a hard time making time to play. So this was very, very good! xoO

CrystalChick said...

Water sports are definitely not my thing, but I can really appreciate how much fun LoveHubbie is having. Glad he had such an enjoyable time with his son.

Olivia said...

Thanks, Mary. Me, neither. I stayed home, but like you, were thrilled that they had so much fun. I like to stay dry as well...and not move around so fast! xoO