Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sacred Life Sunday: A Stroll Through My Garden

Even though I'm down with a cold, I enjoyed a lovely walk in the garden and thought you might too. This was made for my daughter-in-law and it is 4:21 long:


patti said...

Hydrangeas, Begonias & a greenhouse!! What a wonderful & beautiful garden you have. It would be great to paint it - weaving paths, tendrils from pumpkins or squash (?) Thanks for sharing O!

Lori-Lyn said...

It's so beautiful and peaceful and mysterious! I wanna be there!

Rick Hamrick said...

Wow, it is beautiful and verdant! I did not realize you had as much elevation change in your garden as you do. The shot looking up at the gazebo from out in the garden illustrates it well.

Your chickens look quite content, too!

Kim Mailhot said...

Your garden is wonderful, Olivia. What a favorite part ? When it was quiet and you could hear the birds...Lovely !
Have a great week ! Big Love to you !

Kate said...

Oh what a beautiful sanctuary you have there. I could see myself meditating in that space and having such wonderful moments. What a peaceful place. I hope you feel better soon.

Much Love to you,

laundrygirl said...

Talk about being surrounded by beauty! It's breathtaking!

Jane said...

Wow, Olivia!!!! What a gorgeous and heavenly place you have made there!

CrystalChick said...

That's a lovely garden! It must give you so many wonderful hours of enjoyment!
Have a happy day! xo

Olivia said...

Thank you everyone for your comments, and I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I forgot to mention that it was recorded by LoveHubbie and then edited by me :)

Patti, yes, it would be such a subject for your work. I can imagine a whole "garden series" in your lovely style, which is one of my favorites ever.

Lori-Lyn, it really is all of those things, Lori-Lyn. It reminds me of your England photos. I can just see you in one of your flowing outfits walking through!

Yes, Rick, it is a huge down slope. We are on a ridge and it is sort of terraced to 3 general levels. The girls are quite content, indeed. Their names are: Beatrice, Tallulah, Henny Penny, Gilda, and Zephie.

Kim, I think that was my favorite part too, and the silence behind it. It is a sanctuary for us, and I love that word and all it implies.

Thank you, Kate. It is a perfect place to meditate. The silence and all of the sounds of nature!

Yes, Kristine. It is so breathtaking!

Jane, heavenly--yes!

Mary, it does. I love being here. It's hard for some people to understand, but it is a retreat that nurtures all of the things that are important to me.

Thank you, my wonderful friends!

Much love,