Monday, November 16, 2009

Update From Yesterday

In my haste in writing yesterday, I forgot to give you some links to Jane and her wonderful aprons in case you don't know who she is. Stay tuned for a later post and a picture. Jane is incredibly talented in many areas, including but not limited to mothering, making ordinary furniture beautiful, photography, collage, and aprons. You'll love her so visit her blog and her etsy shop for a treat!

LoveHubbie had to get a new phone for his work. The police say his old phone will probably never be recovered. LoveHubbie is determined though, so we'll see. The thief is well-known and hangs out at our local farmer's market using the name "Too Cool", wears a black suit and a black tie and talks non-stop (apparently an interesting fellow). If you see him let us know.


Jane said...

Happy Monday morning, O! Thanks for those very kind and uplifting words!!

Anonymous said...

Where there's a will, there's a way. I think the phone can be recovered...but then, I just love a challenge, especially if it involves detective work, stealth, and perseverance. Too bad I am not there. You could leave me at the farmer's market all day, lying in wait!