Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sacred Sunday: Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Well, we've had an exciting day today, not the usual Sunday. LoveHubbie lost his iPhone about 4 hours ago, and we found out that it had been found and stolen by a particular thief who is now using it. Normally this would be bad enough considering the identity theft aspect, as LoveHubbie has all of his important personal information on the iPhone, as well as access to all of our banking information and other such things. However, LoveHubbie also has patient information on his iPhone (he is a physician) and thus it is an emergency, the police are involved, etc. There is much urgency and chaos here.

This made today less like a Sabbath, which as you know, I like to practice. I had my own agenda of relaxing things I wanted to do. LoveHubbie is always losing things, so this is frustrating. Earlier in the day he had even lost his keys! However, thanks to many of the new time abundance ideas I've read about in The Power of Slow and the new lifestyle I've created, I do feel fine, other than the slight frustration. Something like this would normally freak me out completely.

So, I had wanted to blog about this exciting new "time abundance" lifestyle, and tell you about my writing, since I'm now actually working on my book on a daily basis, M-F. Really! I am writing! So many changes have led to this and I SO want to share them with you!

I had also wanted to blog about H1N1. And I have yet another post planned on a spectacular apron I won from Jane last week, complete with pictures. Instead I am calming myself and supporting LoveHubbie as he freaks out---completely. We have spent this afternoon at the AT&T Store, retracing everywhere we'd been this morning, and talking to the police, our ISP, our credit card company, etc.

Yet somehow I am calm.


So now the story continues. As I am writing this, the police identified the location of the thief and moved in. Only...they went to the house of our very good friends, to whom we had given a previous iPhone, and they attempted to recover that iPhone from them, which was a gift. What a comedy of errors! Fortunately the friends are good friends and understood.

Still calm.


The blog posts mentioned above will be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. My brother used to constantly lose things and it drove the whole family bonkers. He lost his wallet multiple times, keys, cell phones. Now he keeps his cell phone and keys on a lanyard that never leaves his neck. I'm just proud of him for finally admitting that such steps were necessary, even if he looks like a dork with the lanyard. (Don't tell him I said that.)
That is so wonderful that you were able to stay calm. That, for me, is irrefutable evidence that you are taking better care of yourself. You had the reserves available to go through that calmly!!! That is just so, so neat to hear.

patti said...

Well done Olivia for staying calm through all of this, and fantastic that you are dedicating time writing on a regular basis. Such a sense of achievement!

Love Hubbie msounds like he may benefit from some slowing down himself! :)

laundrygirl said...

Whew! Talk about drama! My husband is always losing things too. I hope things work out quickly and that the damage is minimal. Sounds like you are handling things well.

Kate said...

You're writing, how fantastic that is.

I also love you calm demeanor on the whole iPhone thing. I hope it all works itself out soon


thailandchani said...

You really are getting a grasp on how to *not* get engulfed in day-to-day drama. I do hope M finds his iPhone though! :)