Monday, November 9, 2009

How Efficient Is Your Life?...The Quiz

I took Oprah's quiz about negative and positive energy, which teased me away from work last night, asking, "What Kind of Energy Do You Give Off? Take the Quiz!" So I did. Ouch! The truth hurts. My results, which were more about efficiency, more related to how "clean" your energy is, were as follows:

You scored 30.

26–35 points:
Your life is inefficient and is getting more so. You have a sense that you are treading water rather than getting ahead. Too much is out of your control, and your ability to cope with everyday challenges is only adequate. To begin to feel comfortable, you will have to address negative areas you've been overlooking and change your habits and beliefs in those areas. Look realistically at your inefficient ways, because one or the other—sloppiness, disorganization, procrastination, denial, impulsiveness—is draining your energy. Your available energy for positive growth is limited.

Right. On the money.

With a diagnosis like this, and a prognosis so depressing, I am so glad that I'm addressing this.


Kim Mailhot said...

I just went to the Oprah quiz and I have to say, I think it is very biased !!! It assumes that the middle class, tidy yard, savings in the bank type person is the best kind of person and that if you don't seem "efficent" according that that criteria, you are a mess ! I totally diagree with that !!!!!
Look into that beautiful heart of yours, Olivia. You know where you want and need to work on improving things, and you know where you are just fine and shiny already. Look inside for the answers, not to someone else's stupid and biased prognosis for your future !
What is wrong with you is beside the point. What is right with you is the starting point.
End of rant...sorry ! ;)
Much love !

Anonymous said...

Kim's point taken, I do still think this test has value for showing you where you might be throwing energy away. You can adjust the questions in your own mind according to your values. That's what I did. I rated myself "this is me almost always" on the yardwork question even though I let my backyard become a jungle because that's how I wanted my backyard. The bunnies liked it. But in the front I wanted it reasonably weeded, and I didn't procrastinate on that job. I did a little bit every few days as I would arrive home from work and set my bags down on the porch. The value in this test, I think, is showing people inefficiencies they may not realize are dragging them down emotionally and my sweetie whose den is buried in piles of mail. He admits he feels better and has more energy when it's cleaned up, yet he hasn't committed to changing this habit yet. The book "Taming the Paper Tiger" changed my life in this area years ago. I would never go back to living like I did before I read it.
Good luck in your action plan!!! Hugs, Kelly

thailandchani said...

I likewise found the test very biased, geared to the exact demographic Kim referred to. I see it as horribly destructive because it gives people yet another reason to beat themselves up, convince themselves that we're not okay as we are and that we have to change to the more culturally-accepted profile.

Boo to Oprah for this one. I know she caters to a particular demographic but she really screwed the pooch on this one. I couldn't even finish taking it.

I think you know.. within yourself... what changes you need to make and for what reasons. I hate seeing you negate yourself over such a "quiz" and say this strongly: trust your own wisdom.


patti said...

This test is horrible Olivia! It seems to excpect that we should all be Stepford Wives. My yard is not always perfect, there is floppy celery in the bottom of the fridge and my oven needs cleaning as we speak. None of these things is important. I am happy and relaxed and I always pay my bills on time, and this is important.

We should always strive to be a better person, but if I was working full-time & managing a home and family, sometimes something has to give. I would rather spend quality time with my family than be out weeding the garden to prove how efficient I am.

Thumbs down to Oprah!

laundrygirl said...

I agree with the comments that have already been made. I took the quiz and got the same result you did. At the same time though I know my heart and my intentions and the goals I am working towards. Plus, even if you are in this place now, that is not to say you will be there permanently. No need to beat yourself up - just live your life and do what you can to create a sense of peace for yourself and those around you.

Kate Iredale said...

I agree with everything that has already been said Olivia. The quiz is also assuming that everyone has a fairly healthly energy level. I know from experience that when our health is compromised we have to prioritize what's important (to us). Keep on keeping on and doing what's important to you...whatever makes YOU HAPPY. Being happy is much more important than being organized.