Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Be Gentle with Yourself (Love Rock #2)

I gave Love Rock #2 (Be Gentle with Yourself) to my local friend J., who is going through a difficult divorce. I went to dinner and a movie with her last night and almost forgot, then gave it to her at the last minute. I think it's important that she be gentle with herself, that we all be gentle with ourselves. There is enough harshness in the world, and there are enough harsh people. Let's be different.

See the Love Rock story here.

~Photo by Elizabeth F. via CuteOverload


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Olivia !
I made a rock like this for myself and I have a little sign on the fridge with these words on it. I am so hard on myself and sometimes even very mean, which I so very rarely am with anyone else in the world ! I need this reminder to be gentle with myself a lot. I even got it extra-loud when I checked out your post today which is great. It just keeps going round, this rocking in love....

Rick Hamrick said...

O--I think you should change your signature image from the gorilla to this goat.

Just a thought...

The entire concept of gentle acceptance is one which is so neglected today, and not only in the way we treat ourselves, but in the way we treat each other. For me, the focus is definitely on learning more and more how to accept my weaknesses with a nurturing energy while, at the same time, demanding all of my strong suit that I am able to demand.

That's the sweet spot for me: give kindness where it hurts, and demand performance where the strength comes from.


Today's the day, people. Please vote if you have not already done so.

Olivia said...

It certainly is an amazingly creative idea, and a wonderful vehicle to share love. Thank you, thank you, Love, O

Olivia said...


I do love the goat but he's not Hawaiian! I may look for another moniker while I'm there SOON.

Well said about gentleness...

I do believe that everyone heeded your advice and did indeed vote!!

Peace, love, and radiance,